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A handy person from Portland, OR says:
The clutch broke on a Marvin window in my home. I would like to purchase a replacement balance tube. I assume it is difficult or impossible for me to replace just the clutch and that it will be better to purchase the entire assembly.

I tried to attach photos. Hopefully that worked. Just in case, here is the information. The tube is 33" long; the stamped part number appears to be "GG 32XHD2 3.S.I.". The first two digits are difficult to read and could be "CG". The last 3 digits are stamped sideways and the "3" could be a "B". The tube is for the lower pane. The dimensions of the glass part of the window are 39" wide X 31" high. The windows are wood and were installed new when the house was built in 1994.

User submitted photos of a window balance.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Hey, Jim. It's hard to tell exactly what balance you have based on these pictures, as I cannot see the shoe it uses. That said, see our Series 751 to start and let me know if this is a match.
A quick learner from Portland, OR says:

Thanks so much for your reply!! I think we are getting close. A couple of thoughts and questions:

1. See the new images. One is of a shoe in the track of another window. Kinda' hard to see but maybe it will help. The other is the broken pieces from the failed balancer tube. Hopefully one of these will help with the identification.

2. The "options" referenced in your reply are: "32HD, 32R and 32TG". The number on my balancer tube is "32XHD2". Not sure how important the "X" is, but I think that number refers to spring strength. So it could be significant. Let me know what you think. One of the comments suggested replacing both balancer tubes to be sure the spring tensions are equal. Let me know your thoughts on this too, please.

3. Would it help if I sent you the two broken pieces of the shoe for identification? Maybe unnecessary, but no problem if it will help with the identification.

4. Assuming we can identify the tube assembly, do you have some instructions on how to do the replacement? The instructions on the Marvin site are not very good. I have looked everywhere here trying to find a repairman who would know how to do this - with no success. So I guess I may have to do it my self, and would sure welcome any advice and tips.

Again, thank you so much.

User submitted photo of their window balance.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Glad I'm able to help. I'll go through your questions one at a time.

1) Yes, that looks like the shoe that comes with our Series 751 channel balance. Do you agree?

2) Based on your original stamp, the 32HD may be best. However, you can always weigh your sash to confirm. We do recommend replacing both balances at the same time.

3) I don't believe a sample is necessary. All you need to do is compare your hardware to the pictures we show on the S751-33 store page.

4) Yes, we actually have a video. You can see it below.
A quick learner from Portland, OR says:
Thank you for the excellent support and advice! I did weigh the window pane. It was 35 lbs so I ordered two of the 32TG version.
The video was very helpful!
Best regards,
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