A quick learner from Eagle Pass says:

Order #848076 I purchased (2) S306-30 : 30" Series 306 Spiral Balances in January, but I've had some issues with them. The tubes installed correctly, although the shoes had some play, when the spiral applied pressure, sometimes the shoes would scrape the aluminum window frame. I probably didn't go past 10 winds (charging). After about a month one of the shoes snapped. I'm hoping to replace the shoes with either the original shoe, 15-066. But was wondering if I could also replace them with this version 15-142 as it looks like it may have less rotational "wiggle room". Hopefully you can give me some advice. Is this a good route to take? Would I have to regrease the spirals, they've spent a lot of time "exposed", what type of lubricant can I use? What type of rivet must be used with the 15-142 shoe? I don't mind purchasing replacement parts, I just want to make sure this is an effective solution

Thank you
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
It sounds like the Series 306 isn't the right balance for your window. Can you show me a picture of the original balance you used?

If you are confident you had the 15-142 originally, you can use the 62-001 rivet. You would install it with a hammer over a metal plate. I would also recommend only turning the balance no more than three or four times. If that is not enough, then the balance may not have the proper spring strength. You may want to double check that. As for lubricating it, I like to use white grease on the spiral itself.
A handy person from Texas says:
Hi Paul,

Unfortunately, I already disposed of the original balances, the new ones worked fine for quite some time before failing. I researched extensively to educate myself on window hardware, mostly through this site.

I found the Series 306 to be the closest match to my original, with the exception being the shoe was a bit different. 15-142 is similar, as it's flush with the "stick", as opposed to 90 degrees. I scoured the internet for days trying to find an exact match.

From the tutorials I've seen, 7-10 winds is what was normally recommended, I'll try 3 - 4 once I get these repaired.

With your confirmation of the rivet, I'll place a order for a couple of shoes, different types for testing. I'll pick up some white grease too.

Thanks for the help.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Ah, I see. Please let me know if they work out. As for charging the balance, you should feel pressure as you turn. If you don't feel pressure after 3-4 turns then the springs are likely too weak for your window sash.
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