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A home owner from Painted Post (Corning), NY says:
The brand on the existing is "Unique Balance" my house is 1840's. I assume the existing balances are very old. I have 9 windows in all that I want to renovate. This is my first experience working with spiral balances. I want to start with just two windows.
The tubes are 5/8 diameter. The tube length, for the longer windows, upper sash that is, measured without the tail that is on the tube, is between 29" and 30". The 1 window I have weighed so far, a lower sash, is 9 lbs. I will weigh this upper sash when I get it out tomorrow. The Spirals are 2 or more inches longer than the tubes.
I also attached a picture of what I think is the "shoe" attachment at the bottom of the window.
Thanks for your support. I am trying to make this a fun project and avoid being overwhelmed. thank you Experts.
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A home owner from Painted Post (Corning), NY says:
The upper sash is also 9 lbs.
In summary, I'm working with two sets of windows. All 4 sashes are 31" tall and weigh 9 lbs. Both windows have the 29.5" tubes with 31.5" spirals. One of the windows lower sash doesn't have existing tube balances and seems to be operated by a sash bolt. The second window does not have the spiral balance tubes, but the stiles are ploughed and spirals (only) were left lying in the sill. They measure 28.25". I don't understand why they would be shorter. (Maybe you understand what that means).
Send me your recommendations when you get time. I surely appreciate it. Alexandra
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Bob from SWISCO responded:

Hey Alexandra. Hopefully I can help. With spiral balances for very old non-tilt windows, we often find that the Series 500 Spiral Balance is the best bet for a modern replacement. For the tubes that are 29-1/2" long, I think you'd be fine rounding up to 30", in which case you'd need the S500-30. You can use the Red Tip option for a sash that weighs 9 lbs. Use the 17-007 or 17-012 for a bottom bracket. These brackets hook on the balance spiral and are installed to the bottom of the sash.

To install these balances, you would drop them in from the top, on the side of the sash. Use a 33-017 screw to attach the balance tubes at the top. Now raise the sash and have someone hold it up, while you attach the 17-012 bottom bracket with a 33-090 screw, while the U-shape opening corrals the spiral. With your finger, lift the spiral up to the bracket, attach the 75-005 charging tool, and turn the spiral clockwise three turns, hooking it into the fork of the bracket. Repeat on the other side and try the sash. If the sash creeps down, raise and hold up the sash, giving the balances another turn or two.

Now, for any windows that don't even have spiral balances, you would take the glass height and add 1" for the top sash and 3" for the bottom sash. Note that in some cases you might have to rout a 5/8" groove in the sash for the balances to fit. 

Let me know if you have any other questions. 

A home owner from Painted Post (Corning), NY says:
Great. I think I have the shopping list now. I'll order it. How far wrong can I go anyway?
Thank you for the help, Alexandra
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