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A quick learner says:
Hi - I've figured out that I need a couple of 23" Series 350 Channel Balances (with the included shoe and top), but I don't see a stamp option anywhere on the old balances indicating the sash weight range. If I simply weigh the sash itself will that work for figuring out the range?

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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Yep, that's all you have to do. We have a chart on the S350-23 store page that shows how much weight each option can support.
A quick learner from CA says:
Thanks for your help! Two followup questions.

(1) I weighed the sash - it's a shade under 30lbs, so using the chart I ordered two of the 2260 channel balances. My problem is they're WAY beefier than the old ones, to the extent that the terminal clip doesn't fit in the hole in the frame and I can't push them down below the takeout clip. I'm wondering whether I misinterpreted the chart and in fact should have ordered two 2230's for a 30lb sash (which, now I look at it, the stamp option certainly implies!!)

(2) I've discovered my take out clips are also broken, they look nothing like the three you offer. I'm wondering if the 16-002 take out clip is basically a "universal" clip? The slot in the window frame is about 1 1/8" long, so that should be fine, but it its somewhat less that 1/4" wide (maybe 3/16"?) The pan-am is definitely too wide at 3/8" and the 16-009 looks absolutely nothing like the existing one.

Thanks again
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble. Based on your sash weight of 30 pounds, the 2260 option was the correct choice. For channel balances, you don't divide the weight in half. I don't think that's the problem; sash weight has no relation to the type of terminal clip used. Could I perhaps see a couple pictures of your balance compared to ours?

The 16-002 is also not universal, though it is very common. If your take out clip is nylon, then you may have a certain type that is no longer made anymore. If you have what I'm thinking of, we won't be able to replace it. Just to be sure, I'd like to see a couple pictures of that, as well.
A quick learner from CA says:
Not such a quick learner after all.

I dismantled one of our functioning windows and I think I actually need the S385-23 with 2250 stamp option. (I reweighed the sash and it's more like 26lb).

I've added photos of both ends of the channel balances - the new (incorrect) one is at the top, and one of the existing ones is at the bottom in both photos.

I've also included a photo of one of the broken take out clips - its dimensions are 3/8" wide and 1 3/8" long on the flat edge. I'm not sure how useful that last measurement is as it seems to have bits snapped off both front and back edges.

(1) Are you able to confirm that the S385 is what I need from these photos? (I measured the top and foot and they seem to be the same as the 19-005 and 15-004)

(2) Can you offer advice as to which take out clip might be suitable?

Thanks again!!!
User submitted photos of a window balance.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Yes, assuming the 19-005 and 15-004 match your measurements our S385-23 appears to be the best match. I would also recommend the 2250 stamp option.

I'm afraid we do not have this take out clip. This one has been discontinued and the manufacturer didn't come up with a substitute for it. We have suggested the 26-106 and 26-107 as possible replacements, but haven't heard back from past customers who tried them. I do not know if they will work, though if I'm being honest the odds are not high. As an alternative, you can drill a hole near the hole of the old take out clip and install a screw to act as a stop for the balance on a temporary basis. You'll want the screw to stick out just enough for the balance top but not to interfere with the sash.
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