Can you help identify what part I need, please?

A home owner from Paradise, Ca says:
Your website was so very helpful, I have had problems with my Alenco windows for several years and finally I found your site and now perhaps I can fix my windows.

Problem: Window was jammed, would not move.
At first the channel balance had fallen out of its slot, (your website enabled me to identify what it was called) it was at the bottom of the window frame and the window was jammed, I had pushed it back up to close the window and left it for years like that.

Having seen your video I was able to get the window out and the channel balance was loose, not held in anywhere. With the window removed, I replace the channel balance back into the slot, re-installed window. But now, it is almost impossible to get the window to go down and close, it took all I had to force it down and lock it. I assume that something is wrong with the channel balance and perhaps I need a new one?

Also, all of my windows are very, very hard to open and close, is this normal? The house was built in 1994.

Below are the pictures of the one I have trouble with. Can you please advise what might be wrong, or perhaps what new one I can replace it with.

Thank you so very much.

User submitted photos of a window balance.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Hey, Ron. I'm pretty sure I can help. Before we continue, could you give me the length of the metal channel, the stamp printed on the channel itself, and if possible the weight of the sash that the balances support?
A home owner from Paradise, Ca says:
Length 28"
Weight 35 lbs
Stamp 27 5 WM Caldwell
I will need five balances
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Thank you. I believe our S390-28 channel balance is our best match. The issue is that your old stamp, 27 5 (our 2750) is for sashes weighing 26 through 30 pounds, but you say your sash is 35 pounds. Did you ever find the old balance to be too weak? If so, I would recommend our 2765 option instead.
A quick learner says:
I don't think this makes a difference but the number on the balance was EN Caldwell, not WM.

Yes, all the windows of this size are hard to open, you are most correct. This could have been a problem all along.

Thank you, I will order the S390-28
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