Casement operator needs "c" clip

A quick learner from Cedar Rapid, Iowa says:
I need to replace 2 Traco (company out of business) casement operators and your "Maxim Dual Arm Operator, Sill Mounted 39-253L & 39-253R" appear to be the proper type. I removed one operator and compared it to your website's product dimensions and they look the same or at least very similar.

However, during my removal, I dropped/lost a "C-Clip" (which is about 1/4 inch in diameter and about 1/32nd of an inch thick). This clip holds the casement's shorter arm to the snap-stud bracket that is on the bottom of the window.

Can I purchase a few (5 to 6) of these C-Clips (in case I get clumsy again), or do I have to also purchase your "Truth Snap-Stud Bracket (39-545 & 39-546)"? Your website picture appears to show the "C-Clip" mounted on the bracket stud.

Finally, the longest arm on my operator has a hardware track slider. This does not appear easily removable. If it must be pried off, I suspect it will fail. I see that you have a "Truth Hardware Track Slider, 39-529". This looks, again like the correct part. The question is: how do I install this? Is it pressed/clamped on (such as with a vice grip) or hammered on or some other technique?

Thanks for your help.
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
I'm a little confused. The 39-253L and 39-253R actually don't use a detach clip. Are you sure these are what you have? If you still have your old hardware handy, I'd like to see a picture of one of the original operators. We may be able to find something better.
A quick learner from Cedar Rapid, Iowa says:
It's been awhile since I heard from any one. What is the status of your review?
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for getting back to us. We actually still need to see pictures of your operators, like Dave requested. Once we have that information we can continue our research.
A quick learner from Cedar Rapid, Iowa says:
Attached are 5 "PDF" files showing parts in question:

Snap Ring #1
Snap Ring #2
Snap Ring #3


Window Crank #1
Window Crank #2

Since this submission form only allows 5 files at one time, I will send one more file showing complete picture with my measurements - Window Crank #3.
User submitted image of their window hardware.
A quick learner from Cedar Rapid, Iowa says:
Since there was a question regarding my replacement, as in the description plus measurements, I have sent a file with the complete picture AND my measurements:

Window Crank #3
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
Thank you! I've received your pictures and see what you're talking about. That black plastic part if the 39-529 Track Slider which snaps onto the stud at the end of the operator long arm. As for that C-Clip you mention, it cannot be replaced. It is factory pressed into the 39-546 sash bracket. You would need to purchase the complete bracket.
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