Certainteed Bryn Mawr II double hung window (installed in 2009)

A home owner from Bowie, Maryland says:
The tilt mechanism (I was told the name was "coil balance mechanism") on the lower sash broke on one side, and got somewhat mangled. Apparently the manufacturer has gone out of business.

The bottom sash measures 32-1/4" (w) x 24-1/4" (h). The label contains the following information: H-LC25-121(9)X2032 (48 X 80) Series Bryn Mawr II DH p1#029-148. The mechanism is now misshapen, but appears to have originally had a metal (silver)central section shaped like a very thick up-side down letter "C", with white plastic around the outer edge.

I hope you can help me ---- thanks
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
We should be able to help, yes. Before I make a suggestion, could you show us a couple pictures of the balance system in question? Specifically, I'd like to see the pivot shoe and the springs. It's important we can see both. Could you also tell me if the coil springs themselves have a stamp printed on them?
A home owner from Bowie, MD says:
I think I know what you mean by the pivot shoe, but am not sure what you are referring to by the springs. The whole apparatus is inside the vertical track at the side, and I can't distinguish what it looks like exactly.

Is there an easy way to remove it from the track? I'm willing to take it apart if you can tell me how to go about doing that. At this point in time I can still close the window, although I can't close it far enough to lock it. I don't want to take things apart and then not be able to close the window, so please keep that it mind.

Thanks. Jo
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
The springs should resemble coils (hence the name). See our video on how to remove a typical coil balance system from your window.
A quick learner says:
Hi Tom -- I managed to take the broken piece out of my window. As you can see from the pictures, the pivot balance is the broken part. ( One picture shows the metal part in the pivot, the other the broken metal part) The spring and its cover are both OK. I hope this helps.

I think I will have to send the pictures as a separate e-mail because I don't know how to attach it to this message.
User submitted photos of a pivot shoe.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
This is great, thank you! Check out our 15-155. I believe this is a match for your broken pivot shoe.
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