Champion window parts- balance & latches

A home owner from Brooklyn says:
Looking to identify all the parts on my window that could be replaced myself. A contractor quoted replacing spiral balances and gear mechanisms?
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Tom from SWISCO responded:

Your photos are showing a pivot shoe, tilt latch, sweep lock, and spiral balance. We carry all of these parts, but I'll need more information about each part before we can continue. I'll go through them one at a time. I'll also link you to each corresponding section in our catalog.

  • Pivot Shoe: I'll need you to remove your pivot shoe from the window entirely and tell me its width and thickness. I would also like to see a picture of the pivot bar that fits inside of it.
  • Tilt Latch: I need the distance between the two screw holes, center-to-center. I also need to know the distance between center of the front screw hole to the front edge of the housing.
  • Sweep Lock: I will also need the distance between the two holes, center-to-center.
  • Spiral Balance: I'll need the diameter and length of the outer metal tube.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

A quick learner from Brooklyn says:
Seems risky to remove the pivot shoe without having the tool to remove the spiral balance / charge it. I do see that the windows have cut out areas for the pivot shoe to be removed/replaced.

So far the info I've gotten:

- Spiral Balance, 33" for the bottom window, appears to be the thicker option of the 2. Is it common for the top/bottom window to have different length spiral balance? Seems the top window has a 31" balance...

- Tilt and sweep lock have screw holes 2.25" apart

- Pivot shoe appears to be .5" thick - but then the color doesn't match the one in the store. Might pick up the 1/2" & 5/8" to test fit.

my window is the guinea pig before I buy parts for the rest of the building.

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A quick learner from Brooklyn says:
Correction on the tilt & sweep lock -

I think I found the right pairings
- 2-5/16" tilt latch
- 2-1/4" sash lock

Still wanted to double check that it's normal for the different panes to have different length spiral balances. And then about the pivot shoe color.

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Tom from SWISCO responded:

Thanks for getting back to us!

For the spiral balance, if your diameter is 5/8", then I recommend our S600-33 and S600-31. There are definitely windows that have a different sized balance for the top sash compared to the bottom. It's not uncommon at all.

If the lock has a hole spacing of 2-1/4", I recommend our 90-005. We can supply it in black. For a tilt latch with a 2-5/16" hole spacing, I recommend something like our 26-178 or 26-188. These look similar to your original, as well. I would just go over the other dimensions to confirm the better match.

Finally, for the pivot shoe, the color doesn't matter all that much. It can in some cases, but size is more important. If it's 1/2" thick, our 15-046 would be a good option.

A quick learner from Brooklyn says:
Thanks Tom! I'll put in a order shortly to do a test fit on a current working window, before I start trying to fix other windows in the building.
A quick learner from Brooklyn says:
Can confirm for my building's NYC Champion aluminum windows:

Sash Lock - 90-005
Tilt Latch - 26-188
fit perfectly, had to reuse old dirty screws

Pivot Shoe - 15-047
Balance - S600-33 (Both were 33. I must have made a measuring mistake. So had to reuse 2 of the older balances)
these worked great, had some difficulty with getting the pivot shoes in/out of the window frame.. otherwise charging the balances and attaching to the shoe was straight forward.

I had some trouble with the cut out notches for the pivot shoes. It wasn't easy and I had to apply a lot of force with a screwdriver to angle the pieces in through the cut out. I ended up calling a pro to come and he used a wrench to open it up just enough, so I'll try that next time.

There were also screws for the sash lock and tilt latch, as well as for the pivot shoe that I reused from the existing hardware. But does swisco sell these screws? I wish you had the flathead screw in a painted black for the sash lock and latch.

When taking the old balances out, some had a foam insert that kept them steady within the channel - do you sell these? As well as the covers that hide the cut out areas for the pivot shoe?

Oh one last thing for future reference, I wasn't aware that my windows had adjustable pins to attach to the pivot shoes. So instead of needing to twist the window out, you can loosen the screws and slide the pins out. Much easier! I'll attach some pictures I took during the process.
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A quick learner from Brooklyn says:
Oh and a question going forward - is there any downside to getting a balance that supports a heavier window (black tip), even if the window doesn't weight that much? I know our windows in the stairwell are larger but I believe they also have red tip balances. Not sure if I match it or go black for better support.

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Tom from SWISCO responded:

Awesome, thank you so much for the information! I'm certain this will help many customers in the future.

Looking at your follow up questions, I'm not sure if we have the exact size screw you need. We carry a selection, but I'm not sure what length you need. That usually depends more on the sash than the latch, since these can work on a ton of different windows. You could take an old one to a hardware store and have them match up the size you need.

That foam insert you mention, could it be our 26-139? This looks like the piece I see in your first couple pictures. We don't carry the covers that hide the cut out slot. These are commonly known as sash stops and they're hard for us to supply since they need to be made to the size of the window track itself. 

Finally, you definitely want to avoid getting a stronger spring than you need. Spiral balances have some wiggle room, so you may get away with it, but I'd still recommend that you don't try. If a balance spring is too strong then you might have trouble closing your window, and in some cases it will drift back up after it's been closed. Think of balance spring tension like the story of Goldilocks. It can't be too weak, or too strong. You want it to be just right.

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