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A home owner from double sash window- Non-Tilt says:
I would like to order a channel balance replacement. I attempted to call to verify the correct part and order it by phone but got your voice mail asking me to call back.

I need a replacement channel Balance for a double hung window Non- Tilt and some other repair parts. I have removed both Channel Balances. One has a broken cord and the top Rivet has separated from the channel.

1. I followed your web instructions to get the correct measurements and my channel balance length is 27" and 9/16' wide. I believe it to be the Series 380 with the 19-005 top and the 15-005 shoe however, looking at the series 385 causes me to be uncertain. These two series look the same! Stamped on my channel is 2630 but this doesn't help me decide which series would be correct. Please tell me how to tell if I need the Series 380 or 385.

2. I would also like to order 2 each Rivets 60-514 (spring attaching point) and 48" of the cord that is used in the channel pulley.

3. Also I need two each plastic parts that are snapped in the bottom of the window channel, which I believe, are resting plates for the window when closed. The dimensions are 2' long; 1 3/16' wide at bottom; 1' wide at top: 1/2' tall. I searched your parts for these but did not find them in any of your parts sections.I can take a picture of these and send if it will help.

If you have questions on the information I have supplied you here I believe it would save each of us time. Please help me resolve the questions and get the correct parts ordered and on their way so I can return my window to working order.

Thank you,

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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting. Please take a look at our 15-004 and 15-005 channel balance shoes, and note their depths. As you can see, they are 1-3/32" deep and 1" deep, respectively. Which one more closely matches your own bottom attachment?

Once we know that, we can determine what Series channel balance you have, and we can work from there! As for the parts snapped into the bottom of the window channel, can you please upload a picture of them for me to see?

Finally, we do not sell the channel balance pulley or its cord separately.
A home owner from Rio Rancho, NM says:

Thank you for your help.

I located the detail page of each series 380 & 385 and finally discovered I needed to Drill down further to get the dimensions of the shoe. I see what you are describing and I have a 1 3/32" shoe so it appears I need to order the Series 385, 27" Length, 9/16" wide (considered 1/2") channel with the 19-005 Top & 15-004 Shoe. The # stamped on the channel is 2630.

I am attaching 3 pictures of the plastic parts I mentioned in my earlier communication located in the bottom channel of the window. If you carry them please tell me where to find them on your site and I will add them to my order when I order the replacement channel and rivet. If you do not carry the part hopefully you can suggest where I can get them.

A user submited photo of window channel balance
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for the images! Please look at our 55-043 sash stop. Do you think this will work for you? Make sure to compare dimensions to your own hardware.
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