Channel Bance Series 350, Canada

A quick learner from Vancouver, BC, Canada says:
I have two Non-Tilt windows. I selected a channel balance Block and Tackle 1/2" Series 350,with a length of 13" in the metal Channel. I attached some pics.

My questions are:

- The dimensions in the channel balance shoe winged are 1/2", 15/16" and 1 1/16". So, because 1 1/16" is closer to 1 3/32". I choose the option 15-004. Right?

- I have chosen also the 3/8" Top Shash Guide 18-008, which matches the the Top Guide 19-002. Please, confirm it.

-The ink marks en the Channel Balanceare say: UNIQUE 12-D-40 and 01/07/97

-The Stamped marks read: 12 D and U.S.B.

-What Opcion should choose? 1230 or 1240 (which you don't have available to be chosen), Or should I go for 1230 opcion?

Thanks in advance for your help
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting. I will try to answer your questions one at a time.

-15-004 seems like a closer match, yes. Keep in mind these shoes tend to wear down over time. It's very likely yours was worn down from a 1-3/32" depth to 1-1/16".

-I cannot confirm what top sash guide you have. That depends more on the sash than the balance itself. The 19-002 can work with many, many different top sash guides. How do the measurements and style of the 18-008 match your top sash guide? Do they differ in any way? If so, tell me exactly how. Please also show some pictures.

-A stamp of "12 D" usually corresponds with our 1240 option. We can make a balance with this option for you, but just to be sure I'd like you to tell me the weight of your sash so that we can confirm it's the best match.
A quick learner from Channel Balance Series 350, Canada says:
Hey Tom , Thanks for your help.

I checked every single measurement of the Top sash guide con compared it with your 18-008. The measurements are not exactly the same, but yes very close to. Here are your measurements and (my measurements) :

9/16" (0.575")
5/8" (0.605")
1 13/16" (1.795")
2 3/16" (2.178")
1/5" (0.518")
1 5/8" (1.614")

A guess parts are not perfect and also are subject to wearing. That is why I think your 18-008 will work OK for my window. Attached there is a pic of my Top sash guide.

The weight of the sash is 7 lbs. Please suggest me the best option for my window.

Thanks again.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thank you! I agree, our 18-008 looks like the best match. As for the option, our 1220 would be best for a sash weight of 7 pounds. I wonder why you had such a strong spring before. Did you ever find your window difficult to close?
A quick learner from Vancouver, BC, Canada says:
Thanks again Tom.

Yes, when we bought the house two of the windows had the channel balance broken already. and actually I found the other windows are little difficult to be close down. I will make my request to SWISCO.

Also, I want add some window stops (I don't know the actual name). I attached some pics and measurements, I know you can help me to identify them.

Thanks in advance again.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Great, glad the other hardware can work for you.

As for this vent lock, it has a bit of a weird style. I'm not sure if our 26-275W could work for you but it might just be a workable substitute. The thickness is 0.3125" to your own 0.281". You will also need to re-drill one hole.
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