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A home owner from Sandpoint, ID says:

I need to replace a channel balance for a non-tilt window. I think I need either a series 350 or series 385, but I don't know the difference between 19-002 top piece and 19-005 top piece.

The balance I need need to replace is marked 26 4 JR -- it is 1/2" wide and 27" long

A couple years ago I purchased a Swisco replacement channel balance for another window in my house (same brand window but smaller) and chose part S385-15. This channel balance works but the window is a little wobbly when sliding open & close, so I'm wondering if the Series 350 would be a better choice.

Can you give me some advice on choosing between these two series?
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
The difference between the 19-002 and 19-005 is that the latter has wings while the former does not. I'm not sure why the window is wobbly, especially since you bought the Series 385 balance. Both nylon attachments for the Series 385 have wings, which would prevent it from wobbling, if anything.

I think it would be best if you take a few pictures of your original balances, just so that we can avoid confusion. Please make sure that you clearly show us the nylon attachments on both ends. Thanks!
A home owner from Sandpoint ID says:
Here are some photos, I hope you can make out the detail in the end pieces. These have flanges.

Thanks for your help.
User submitted a photo of a window balance.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Yep, that looks like the 19-005 alright. The only other thing I can think of is that maybe you have the incorrect shoe. The Series 385 uses our 15-004. Are you absolutely positive that's what you have? Do the dimensions match? If not, it may be the 15-005 instead. Does it have wings? If it doesn't have wings, either, then you may have either the 15-001 or 15-002, which would mean you need a custom made balance. Let me know!
15-004 and 15-005
Comparison of <a href='Channel-Balance-Shoe/pd/Replacement-Sash-Support-Channel-Balance-Shoes/15-001'>15-001</a> & 15-002
A home owner says:
Thanks for your reply. Yes, the shoe has flanges. The shoe measures 1-3/32 from the outer edge to the outer edge of the flange. Is that the correct way to measure?

If so, I think Model 385 is correct for my windows.

I appreciate your help.

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Tom from SWISCO responded:
In that case, it sounds like the wobbling might be an issue with the window, not the balance. It's possible that the sash or frame is warped. This sometimes happens with old windows. You can try adjusting the jamb, if that's possible, but if the windows still operate well aside from a slight wobble then it may not be too big of an issue.
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