Coil balance pivot shoe for Alside windows

A home owner from Iowa says:
I have double hung tilt windows from Alside in the house I had built 9 years ago. Recently the top sash dropped in one set. After looking through your website for instructions, I was able to get to the pivot shoe and coil balance system, and found that the coil balance had pulled out of the shoe on both sides of the window. I also noticed that it had pulled out of one side of other windows, as well.

From looking at the various pivot shoes on you site, mine most closely resemble the 15-177 pivot show. I attempted to reassemble the coil balance to the shoe, but it just pulls right out. Is ther some retaining component that I am now missing, or have the retaining features in the shoe and at the end of the metal coil just deformed over time to the point of not working any more?

I'm a bit hesitant to ordering replacement components until I know I can get them assembled properly. Do you have any suggestions on where I should go from here? Thanks!
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting. There should be a small screw that connects the tip of the coil spring to the 15-177. Take a look at our 33-072 #8 x 3/8" Pan Head Screw.
A home owner from Iowa says:
Thanks for the quick response! I wondered if that was the case, but wasn't sure as I didn't see any screw that had fallen out anywhere. I assume this screws in from the outside and the head fits flush inside the recessed pocket. Is that correct? Is there anything custom about the 33-072, or would a #8 x 3/8" pan screw from a hardware store work to try on the existing coil balance and shoe? Thanks again!
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting! That's correct, the screw would fit in that little divot. There's nothing really unique about the 33-072, it is just the screw we sell specifically to go with the 15-177 shoe.
A home owner from Iowa says:
Thanks! I tried the #8 x 3/8" pan screw, but the coil spring doesn't have a hole in the end for the screw to go through. I've attached a picture showing how it fits into the shoe, with a V shaped end to wedge itself into place.

I tried to use the screw as a set screw, but it was too long so the head interfered with the frame. As it turned out, the screw seems to have wedged the spring more securely into place, so it is now holding, at least for the moment.

If this comes dislodged again, it looks like I could order the series 152 coil balance after determining the correct weight, as there is a hole in the end to attach that. Does that sound reasonable? Thanks again!
User submitted photos of a coil balance.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for the pictures! Actually, now that I have a look at your shoe, I do not believe you have our 15-177 at all. It looks like you have something different. I'm not sure what, I've never seen it before. You may want to consider our Series 140 coil balance system. I think this could be what you're looking for. Compare it to your existing system and let me know what you think.
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