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A home owner from Shelton, CT. says:
Do you have replacement rear drawer sockets for Merillat cabinetry I believe the original style name is OMNI about 15-18 yrs old. They have hidden hinges and frames.
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Mike from SWISCO responded:
We would be happy to research this for you if you cannot identify the needed hardware on our site. Please send us some detailed photos and some measurements.
A home owner from New Bremen, Ohio says:
I have Merillat cabinets/drawers, installed approx. 1990, the rear slide sockets (plastic) keep breaking, is there a replacement socket that will work. I understand the original sockets are not made anymore (I know why now), is there anything that will work. The problem I run into is at the rear of the slide, it is canted downward making any replacement sockets unusable. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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Mike from SWISCO responded:
We would like to see this drawer socket, please reply with some images.
A home owner from Columbus OH says:
If you can help, I'd really appreciate it.
Drawer Guide photo submitted by user
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Mike from SWISCO responded:
Thank you for contacting us and sending your image.

We have been trying to locate a replacement drawer guide for, but have been unsuccessful thus far. Do you have the manufacturer name and/or the year you purchased your furniture?
A home owner from Columbus OH says:
The vendor is Merrilat

My guess is that this was put into our home around 2000 - not not really sure

Thanks, Al
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Donna from SWISCO responded:
I wonder if something like SWISCO products 32-014 Track Sockets or 32-089 Back Plate would work. You would need to measure the track and compare to the given measures to see if it would slide in.

UPDATE: A customer with Merillat cabinets with the same problem, Merillat has discontinued the bracket. They found and used #32-012 with much success and have been holding the tracks for several years now.
A home owner from Columbus OH says:
Thanks for the try - I appreciate the consulting service. I'll keep Swisco in my personal tool set.
A quick learner from Thornton, Illinois says:
We are looking for this drawer socket replacement but only find ones that you have to screw in. This piece is screwless. It opos right into a hole in the back of the cabinet. I dont know who made the cabinets. Please refer to picture attached.
Please help?
User submitted photo of their screwless drawer socket.
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Mike from SWISCO responded:
Good Morning,

It looks like your drawer socket is from a Merillat cabinet drawer (see other user's posts and images above). Merillat has discontinued this style drawer socket. As of now, we do not have a replacement for this socket. I found an online forum on another Web site discussing this topic. A user of that forum suggested that you would need to replace the whole drawer track system with the latest Merillat drawer track style. Try contacting your local Merillat dealer for details.

I hope this information helps.
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Donna from SWISCO responded:
I just wanted to let you all know that there is an order form on Merillat's Web site to order conversion kits for this discontinued drawer socket. The order form is to be printed out and mailed along with your credit card info to Masco Cabinetry. Masco Cabeintry, is the company that manufactures Merillat cabinets. See this FAQ from Merillat's Web site that explains the replacement part ordering process.

Here is the replacement Merillat part order form, the conversion kit is the third item on the list (right below the discontinued bracket).

UPDATE: A customer with Merillat cabinets with the same problem, Merillat has discontinued the bracket. They found and used #32-012 with much success and have been holding the tracks for several years now.
A quick learner from Thornton, Illinois says:
Thank you all for your help. HOW DISSAPOINTING! THe cabinets are NOT that OLD! How could the part be discontinued? Could it be because they are NO GOOD! I was willing to buy up a whole bunch of them! The cabinets came with the house I bought. I have 20 Cabinets that this piece will have to be replaced eventually. I have only lived in the home for 3 years and already 4 need to be replaced. NOT HAPPY. But very thankful to all of you for the information.
A home owner from Turlock, CA says:
I purchased my home, brand new in 1989, it has Merillat cabinets; kitchen, bathrooms & laundry area. The drawer brackets started breaking the first year & have continued breaking to date. This is the first time I've found the replacement order form, who kept all their broken parts? The price is still a little steep for replacement but better than the original offer of $32 that I found before. I don't believe this company understands the value of standing behind it products & the parts needed there after. I will avoid doing any business with Merillat in the future...
A quick learner from Minnesota says:
I too am very disappointed in reading the posts about the Merillat Drawer Slide Brackets. I have lived in my house since 1995 and have had to replace several of them. All of my drawers and slide cabinets use these pieces!! I too was willing to buy several to keep myself stocked and ready. It is very disappointing that a company wouldn't keep a piece in stock or find a replacement for it! (And a side note, why would you make such a piece in plastic?) Oh I keep customers buying your product only to discontinue it!!
A quick learner from Mastic Beach, NY says:
Same deal for us. Our house was bought brand new in 1992. These brackets are in all cabinet drawers. We are planning on a kitchen makeover in about 4 years. Until then I'll figure out some way to make the repairs needed. I WILL NOT be looking at Merillat cabinets. Knowing these brackets are a "weak point" in their products, they should have these available in a package by the dozen. How much could that piece of plaxtic really cost them? It would make a lot of customers happy.
A home owner from Michigan says:
Our Merillat cabinet hardware breaks all of the time also. It sounds like this is pretty common. I guess if they make such cheap cabinets then discontinue the parts and make you buy the full set of drawer slides at $15.00 per drawer they can make even more money. I would rather not give them anymore business. Has anyone had success with Swisco part 32-119 in replacing these?
A home owner from Clarkston,MI says:
I also have the Merillat slide brackets that started breaking about 10 years ago. I brought 10 at the that time and have had to use them all. Now I find out that I will have to replace the holders and rails. I have 22 drawers that pull out and it will be VERY expensive to replace them all. Never again will I buy a Merillat product, even if they sell them for 10 cents on the dollar.
A home owner from Chicago says:
A quick learner from Illinois says:
I'm another unsatisfied owner of Merillat cabinets. I bought mine in 1990 and have had to replace several of the drawer guides I've seen pictured on this thread. I used to be able to get replacements that were white and are much sturdier than the originals. I now have another drawer with the same problem. I think it's ridiculous that Merillat doesn't stand behind there product and replace them free of charge. I'd even be happy to purchase the replacement ones they used to make. Also think it's stupid I can't just call and order the part but have to print out a pdf form and mail it to them? Hmmm how long is this gonna take to get the part? Meanwhile I have the drawer sitting on my kitchen table and have to move it to another inconvenient location just so we have room to eat. Definitely not a big fan of Merillat cabinets!
A home owner from Omaha, NE says:
My bracket just broke. So glad that I got online to find out where I could get replacements. I have been to several hardware stores with no luck. At least there is a solution. Just have to call my handyman.
A home owner from Massachusetts says:
Having the same disappointing results as many on this post. Id did stock pile the brackets many years ago and have run out.

I just need enough parts to hold me over for a year or so until I replace all the cabinets. I need a manufacturer that stands behind their product. Especially when they know that such a critical part of the assembly wears out much sooner than the cabinets do.

The new cabinets will not be Merillat or any Masco products for that matter.
A quick learner from Ohio says:
I have the same problem - with no luck in finding replace,emts....And the Merillat cabinets were not cheap, but rather expensive! If I ever get cabinets again, the WILL NOT BE MERILLAT!!!
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Donna from SWISCO responded:
UPDATE: A customer with Merillat cabinets with the same problem, Merillat has discontinued the bracket. They found and used #32-012 with much success and have been holding the tracks for several years now.
A home owner from Iron River WI says:
I have used Swisco 32-012 for the Merillat #47103. The difference being, you have to get some small screws to intall them into the back of the cabinet where the old ones have a plastic hook. No big deal. I suggest ordering a few extra pairs of 32-012, because once one breaks, they all start to fail.
Good Luck
A quick learner from Southern Pines, NC says:
Here is the fix for the Merillat bracket that is no longer available. It easy and cheap. The problem is the bottom breaks out of the bracket. Using a automotive hose clamp. You find them in any hardware department.

1.Get a automotive hose clamp that will fit loosely around the part of the bracket that holds the draw slide. Keep it loose

2. Slide the clamp on the drawer slide. Position the clamp screw in a position that is ease to get a screw driver or nut driver on. I like a nut driver as your kind of standing on your head when doing this.

3. Put the drawer slide into the bracket and slide the clamp over the bracket so it is now holding up the drawer slide.

4. Tighten the clamp screw just enough until it does not move around. Don't drive to refusal or you can break the bracket.

5 Wala --- your slide is now on metal being held by the whole bracket.. Mine has lasted for over 20 years.

A home owner from Atlanta, Ga says:
Hose clamp worked like a charm. Thanks for the tip Macgyver.
A landlord from Saginaw, MI says:
Awesome hose clamp tip! I have two rental units with 27 year old Merillat cabinets. Fortunately, I have not had any break until recently, so I'm just now finding how impossible they are to get.
A home owner from PA says:
I have the same issue with my Merillat cabinets --- and I have a lot of cabinets in my kitchen. Those darn plastic plugs at the back continually break off - and now I cannot get any replacements. I have read here that part #32-012 will do the trick. Can someone tell me how to install these since there are no plugs on the back to push into my cabinet holes? What type of screws/nails do I have to use? I am so frustrated over Merillat deciding to simply not produce this plug anymore. My cabinets were not cheap.
A quick learner from Athens Ga says:
hose clamp works great....much better than original equipment. Thanks a bunch
A quick learner from Alexandria, VA says:
Stocked up on replacement plastic plugs, then bought replacement rails, and now the hose clamps are the best bet ever. Much simpler too. I can't use the 32-012 because I don't want screws to go through the back of many of my cabinets. I'll use hose clamps from now on! Many thanks!
A handy person from Fairfax VA says:
A quick learner from Southern Pines, NC says..DO THIS with a hose clamp. Great idea!

But, you can even simplify even further by using nylon tie wrap instead of the hose clamp. Start it around the guide rail and then push it as far back as possible before tightening around the "remains" of the old support.

Thanks, Southern Pines!
A home owner from Illinois says:
Yes I used the nylon tie wrap. Thank you! I've been saving the broken supports over the years, so used the nylon tie wrap on one of these. We bought about 20 extra supports when installed but I was down to our last one.
A home owner from Akron, OH says:
Quick Learner From Southern Pines NC is a genius!
After much frustration researching and trying to find a replacement part, we tried the hose clamp and it worked like a charm!!! Thank you!!!
A quick learner from MN says:
After all these years, this is still the absolute easiest and best fix I have seen. We have a full kitchen of Merillat cabinets. I also bought a bunch of replacement brackets years ago, and just ran out. The hose clamps are the best!
Thanks for the advice from 10 years ago.
A home owner from Illinois says:
To "A quick learner from Southern Pines" with the hose clamp suggestion: Many thanks!!
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