Failed Window Removal

A quick learner from Virginia says:

I removed the lower portion of my window today and took a little more out than I intended. I was hoping someone could tell me the parts I'll need, and if possible, how to replace them.

User submitted photos of window hardware.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting! The shoe resembles our 15-087. Do you agree? If so, you should also consider our Series 180 coil spring and 16-024 mounting bracket. Check out this hardware and see how well they match your own. Make sure to compare dimensions! Check out the image below to see how these balances are set up.
Diagram of 15-087
A quick learner from Virginia says:
Thanks for your reply. I still need a bit more help.

I couldn't find 15-097, but I did find 15-087 which looks like it may be a good fit. The Series 180 coil is probably a good fit, but how do I know which strength I need?

As far as I can tell the mounting bracket appears to be in good shape. Does it look to you like something is actually broken?

I am pretty sure that the window frame's rails/tracks broke when I took the window out (the coil photos show this). What do I need to repair/replace those?

Also, I am brand new to window repairs. How do I do any/all of this? Are there good instructions online or youtube videos somewhere?

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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Sorry about that! I meant to type 15-087, not 15-097. I've fixed that now.

To determine the strength of your balance, you will need to look at your existing coil spring and find the stamp printed on its surface. This should correspond to one of our Series 180 springs.

I can't really tell if your mounting bracket is broken or not. If it seems to be in good condition, though, I see no reason to replace it.

Installing this type of balance is pretty simple. First, remove your window sash and all balance hardware that will be replaced. Then you look at your new replacements. Place the coil springs in the 15-067 pivot shoe and 15-086 housing, and attach these two pieces together. Once you have the shoes assembled, place them in the window jamb and hook the end of the coil spring to the mounting bracket. Take a flat head screwdriver and place it in the cam of the shoe and pull down until it is at the appropriate place in the jamb. You can look at your old hardware for reference. All you need to do now is put the sash back in the window and you should be good to go.
A quick learner says:

Thanks again for your help. I can't find the coil strength, or any characters at all on the coil. Can you help?
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
I believe you need our S180-6 and S180-7 springs for a 26 pound sash. Weigh your sash and see if it weighs 26 pounds just to be sure, though.
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