Fix/Replace Spiral Window Balance for single-hung non-tilting window

A home owner from San Diego says:
I recently purchased a house that was remodeled in 1988. It appears to have WindowMaster windows installed I assume at that time. They are single hung non-tilting window with a spiral window balance. Several of the windows do not stay up and fall down. Appears several of the balances need replacing or need to be recharged. However, to start this project I have one window in which the balance is significantly damaged and needs replacing. I attached pictures. Looking at your website I have gathered the information below as to what I think I may need. Please look at the pictures and contact me at your earliest convenience to let me know if I have provided all proper information, you have replacement parts and if I can install myself or need a professional. The dimensions of the window itself are 53'' high X 41'' wide and it is double pane. Also, I live in San Diego, CA so if there are any local dealers where I can pick up parts please let me know as I need to fix immediately.

I have several other windows in which the spiral balance also does not fully work in that the windows fall down. But I'd like to try to fix this window first and maybe just use the recharging tool to try to quickly fix other windows. From reading on the internet it appears I will need:

(1) 26 inch length and 6/16 inch (or 3/8 inch) diameter tube. Possibly part #S306-26
(2) Spiral balancing charging tool for non-tilt windows. Possibly 75-005
(3) spiral balance shoe. Possibly part 15-066.
(4) Rivets to install the spiral balance shoe to the tube. Possibly part 62-008.
(5) Rivet installation tool. (however I need to install the shoe and rivet on window as the shoe will not slide down the side of the window). What size as rivet appears small.
(6) What type of lubrication for other balances I will only try to recharge do I need to relubricate?
(7) anything else or other problems I'll run into? Should I get a professional to perform this?

Thank you for your prompt response.
User submitted photo of spiral balance.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
1. Yes, the S306-26 appears to be the replacement.

2. Charging tool 75-005 will work with the Series 306.

3. The 15-066 shoe will come attached to the S306-26.

4. 5. As stated above, the 15-066 will come attached to the S306-26.

6. The balances come lubricated, but we can also recommend a silicone-based spray.

7. You will first install the top screw on the balance tube, and then turn the spiral clockwise to add tension (about 3 - 4 turns), then it will slide up into the sash clip to lock it.
A home owner from Delray Beach, FL says:
I received the 2 S300-29 spiral balances & 2 15-142 shoes to work with a 1993 NUAIR window missing its balances. I will need to drill out the rivet for the supplied shoe and install the correct 15-142 shoe. What rivet size should I buy or can I use a small machine screw & nut? How should I charge this tube using 75-004 tool? What type sheet metal screw for top attachment? I have #6 #8. Thanks Ken M.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
The rivet is 62-001 (1/16" X 5/16") is used to install the 15-142 shoe. A small screw and nut will also work. For attaching the 3/8" tube balance, most window manufacturers used a #6 X 3/4" screw, like our 33-110. In charging this balance with the 75-004 tool, raise the sash and have someone hold it for you. Bring the spiral up as close to the sash as you can. Attach the tool and give the spiral three clockwise turns. You should feel pressure building as you make the turns. Do the same on the other side and try the window. If the sash creeps down, give the balance another turn.
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