Grant DL Drawer Roller

A home owner from Boca Raton says:
I am missing the Right Roller from a bathroom vanity drawer probably dates from 1985. It is 1/4in roller that goes under the drawer edge (not on the side). The name on the plate is Grant DL.
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Paul Sr. from SWISCO responded:
Can you send a digital picture to use so that we can help identify a replacement roller for you? If possible include measurements in the photo.
A home owner from Okawville IL says:
I have these on my drawers in my kitchen. They mount on the drawer and the roller slides in the suspended track. Teh roller is 1/2" in diameter. Do you have any 32-045s with the smaller rollers like the ones I have.?
A home owner says:
I too am looking for a set of rollers for a Grant slide from 1986. Stamped on one of the slides is "grant 222". Thanks in advance
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Paul Sr. from SWISCO responded:
We would like to take a look at your Grant roller, reply to this discussion with a picture of your roller.
A quick learner says:
I am looking for the same- Grant DR. Where did you find some?
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Mike from SWISCO responded:
We have been attempting to locate a replacement for said Grant roller. Can you send us a picture of your current roller(s)? Please include any measurements in your reply.
A quick learner says:
As requested, attached is a picture of the Grant roller assembly that I am having difficulty finding.
Customer's image of their 1986 Grant roller.
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Mike from SWISCO responded:
I'm sorry, but it appears the Swisco 32-045 Drawer Roller can not be used as a proper replacement for your Grant roller. We recommend you take a look at your local hardware store. Good luck in your search.
A handy person from Huron, SD says:

I have a house that was built approx 30 years ago. The cabinet drawers in the kitchen use Grant but the rollers are wearing out so I would like to replace all of them. I looked online and item 32-095 kind of looks like it however the type I have, the wheel goes straight down unlike item 32-095 where it appears that it bow out. I will also need a couple of end caps for the railings. I have attached photos of the Grant hardware I want to replace.

Thank you in advance for your assistane.

Dennis O.

user submitted photo of grant roller
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
I spoke with Hettich, the company that produces Grant drawer hardware and they simply responded that this roller is discontinued. I am still trying to get word from them if they have a repair solution available as there are a lot of people out there with this problem.

If I learn anything I will be sure to post it here.
A quick learner from Boca Raton says:
Figured these rollers were discontinued when none of the hardware stores in South Florida carried them. I then had to search for a different type of assembly to mount the drawer. Found one at only one Home Depot in the area....Top mounted slider I attached to a wedge to fit the original cabinet. Guess it's understandable manufacturer doesn't keep parts 25 years. Too bad for those of us that can't afford to replace cabinets.
A home owner from Fresno says:
What was the item number of the replacement slide from the Home Depot?
A quick learner from Boca Raton, Florida says:
Sorry, I don't have the packaging. I did this in 2009 at my daughters home, I'll check to see if she still has it. Very cheap...made of wood but I cut off a small piece to fit and it worked. If I see the same one when I'm in Home Depot I'll post it.
A quick learner from RI says:
cabinets are beautiful. rollers are bad. can't find
anything ti repace them.
I need help!!!!!
A landlord from Colorado Springs says:
I too have a house with full kitchen and bath cabinetry outfitted with the Hettich roller slides.

I have had no luck with any local home center or hardware store - all of the rollers are too big to fit in the tracks.

Any updates regarding a replacement roller for the Grant would be appreciated - I don't really want to replace the tracks, too.

A landlord from Colorado Springs says:
I solved my problem with the ~1/2" rollers available at the home centers, and a belt sander. I 'turned' down the nylon roller from the home center to the correct size, and was able to affect repair without having to replace track and what-not.

A home owner from RI says:
I would like to know if anyone makes a reproduction roller for this set. If so could someone please let me know. This is a real agravating problem because the drawer just falls out. Thanks for your help.
A landlord from north pole alaska says:
iI also need grant rollers as shown in the above picture. please e mail any info.
A quick learner from pittsford, ny says:
I have some worn out rollers that are 5/8 o.d. The original maker is Grant. you have some items that are close. These are drawer track rollers that mount on the rear. Your drawer track rollers have the rollers mounted on the inside of the bracket and I need rollers that face outward (on the other side of the bracket). Any help here? If you have 5/8 in beveled rollers that I could retrofit onto the bracket that would work. If you need a picture let me know
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Mike from SWISCO responded:
I've placed your discussion in an existing discussion regarding the Grant DL Roller.

We have been unable to source a replacement at this current time.
A home owner from Tullahoma, TN says:
I am looking for Right & Left hand, rear-mounted drawer guides. They are stamped "GRANT" and with orientation markings of "DL" or "DR" model numbers or anything else. Probably around 1970's vintage. The roller is riveted onto the bracket and is 9/16" in diameter. Total thickness of the roller is 1/2" with flat part of roller about 5/16" wide.

They are similar to several of your displayed models, except the ones I am looking for have the wheels on the outer side of the bracket so they are directly under and flush with the drawer sides.

If unavailable, do you have center mount systems that would fit under the drawer pictured without requiring modification to the cabinet openings?

Drawer bottom is 1/4" thick and recessed 3/8" from the bottom of the sides. I have the capability to make new drawers of lesser depth if needed, but would prefer to have have to make them any narrower than they are already. Using side mount drawer slides would require either smaller drawers or larger drawer fronts (which would mess up the spacing of the doors and drawers).

A customer submitted photo of replacement drawer brackets.
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Donna from SWISCO responded:
I've placed your discussion in an existing discussion regarding the Grant DL Roller.

As Mike said above, we have been unable to source a replacement at this current time.
A home owner from San Diego, CA says:
Did anyone ever come up with replacement hardware for the GRANT DL, DR ?? The nylon roller is about 5/8 OD. May have to "turn down" a 3/4 but I really do not wish to scrap out well made cabinets or switch to sliders (assuming space allows). I know that this is old post that does not get any younger.
A handy person from THE UP says:
Try using router bit bearings
5/8 X 1/4 should work
make a spacer from tubing and have it rivited on
A quick learner from Apopka Fl. says:
I've read all the older posts and have learned that no hope of replacement Grant rollers exist. Thanks to all before me for asking what I needed to know, saved me time. I may try retrofitting a shower door roller.
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