Guardian sliding door lock

A quick learner from Brick nj says:
Hi swisco. My lock on my sliding door broke and looking for any information and buying a new one. The pictures you see has all the info that was on glass. I'm not sure if that has to do anything with the glass or the door itself, but I wrote everything down for you guys to help me out. Also all the measurements that you would need.
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting! I think we can help out, yes. The mortise lock you need resembles our 82-218. It looks like part of the frame broke, as well, so you may want to consider using washers to help secure the mortise once it's installed. Finally, be sure to watch our video on how to install this kind of hardware.
A quick learner from Brick says:
Hi swisco, I recently purchased a new lock for my sliding door from swisco. The response and the delivery of the part was very fast. The problem is the turning lever that was is in the existing lock isn't workin with the new lock. Is there a way that you guys can point me in the rite direction for a new one. Thank you
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
I'm sorry to hear it didn't work. Is it because the mortise lock is different, or is there some problem with the lever itself? If replacing the lever will fix the problem, check out our 82-106. If the mortise lock is different though, please let us know exactly how. Thanks!
A professional from California says:
If the picture is accurate, the lever looks twisted. If so, 82-106 should fix the problem.
A quick learner says:
The problem is the part where the lever would go in has a different angle. The slot for the new lock is more vertical, where as the old lock was more on a angle. The shaft that would go into the the lock had a slight twist to it. The other problem I have is that I can't find the lever now either I'm thinken of just replacing the whole handle itself. Is there a way where I can just order a new handle, lever, key and lock and use the new mortise lock I ordered? If worse comes to worse I would take a drive to your place so you guys can help me in person. Pleas help. Thank you again
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
I'm a little bit confused. In your first picture, you show a silver mortise lock with a 45 degree slot. In this picture, though, the old lock looks completely different. It actually looks just like our 82-218. Are you sure you don't have them mixed up?

Based on the first picture you showed us, our 82-218 should work fine. As mentioned before, the 82-106 is the replacement lever for your old twisted one. You probably don't need a new handle set.

I'm afraid our facility in NJ cannot accept walk-ins. We can help you here on the Discussion board, however.
A quick learner says:
I apologize I got the two mixed up. Sorry about that. I'll order the new level today and I'll let you know if it works. Thanks again Dave for your time.
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