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A quick learner from Oroville, WA says:
What's the easiest way to distinguish between the 15-004 and the 15-005 shoe? They look identical in the pictures at your website.

The channel balances have popped out of the channel at the top of the window and I can't get the window open more than about 3 inches. What's the best way to remove them so I can see the shoe?

Thanks for your help.
User submitted photos of a window balance.
A quick learner from Oroville, WA says:
Hello! Once I can remove the channel balance and identify the shoe, I will be ready to order replacements.

I read somewhere that I should replace both so that the window opens evenly. Do you recommend replacing both?

Thanks for your help!
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
The difference between the shoes is their depth. Check out the image below and see which is closer to your own:
Comparison of <a href=15-004 & 15-005' />

Sounds like you have a broken top sash guide. Without a top sash guide, the balance shoots up the track like yours has. You're going to h ave to force the sprung balance down a few inches until you clear the take-out clip (it should look like your 16-002). While holding the balance down, have a friend pop the take-out clip, and then gently release the balance into the clip. That should hold it in place and allow the sash and balances to be removed. See the video below for a clear example.

You will need to replace your broken top sash guide in addition to the balances, so if you can please take a few pictures of it for me to see. Also, we do recommend replacing both balances at the same time, yes.
A quick learner from Oroville, WA says:
It was impossible to force the "sprung" balances back into the channel and out of the window frame without cutting them, which I had a handyman do today.

Here are the photos of the shoe. Not sure which measurement is correct, but am thinking it's the 1-3/32" (measuring from outside of wing)???

Thanks a mint for mentioning the top sash guide or I wouldn't have looked. Here are the specs and photos. It is most like 18-008. Would that part would as a replacement, do you think? There doesn't seem to be any reason for the jog in the back that makes it 7/16" wide instead of 9/16". Fits right into the frame.
User submitted photos of a window balance & top sash guide.
A quick learner from Oroville, WA says:
Here are some more images to help you assess the situation. Thanks a bunch!
User submitted photos of a top sash guide.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Ah, I see. You have a special kind of balance. Let me guess: is the pulley wheel inside the shoe? If so, none of our existing Series will replace it. We can still make it for you, I'll just need more information.

First, please show me a picture of the metal clip I see in those pictures. That's a surprisingly essential part of identifying these balances. I would also like to see a picture of the top balance attachment. At least, I'd like to know if it has wings are not. If you can tell me that, pictures won't be necessary.

As for the top sash guide, see our 18-171 and see if this matches.
A quick learner from Oroville, WA says:
Thanks, Paul.

Here are pictures of the shoe. More pictures coming of the top balance attachment.

The pulley isn't inside the shoe.

Both the top balance attachment and the shoe have wings.

I think 18-171 matches the top sash guide.

User submitted photos of a window balance.
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Donna from SWISCO responded:
Hi Erica,
Thanks for posting more photos! We are able to identify the needed replacement for you. I will email you a custom balance ordering form shortly.
A quick learner from Oroville, WA says:
Ah...I have new eyes this morning. Why didn't I see the pulley in the shoe yesterday??? ;-)


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