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A home owner from USA says:

Home purchased in 2005 is now 18 years old. 14 tilt aluminum windows of unknown brand were almost impossible to open and close. On advice of local window supplier and your videos, we ordered and successfully installed the following replacement parts. order #500428
(4) S900-35 : 35" Series 900 Spiral Balance
(2) 26-314 : Top Tilt Latch Pair, 1-3/8"
(4) 15-045 : Pivot Shoe, 3/8" Thick
(1) 75-033 : Charging Tool for Tilt Windows
Windows repaired were much better, but still required some effort to open.

Subsequently ordered for remainder of windows in the house.
order #503999
(10) S900-17 : 17" Series 900 Spiral Balance
(10) S900-25 : 25" Series 900 Spiral Balance
(4) S900-35 : 35" Series 900 Spiral Balance
(15) 26-314 : Top Tilt Latch Pair, 1-3/8"
(30) 15-045 : Pivot Shoe, 3/8" Thick

After receiving our new parts and installing the parts in two additional windows, one window is better but still not easy to open and the other is impossible for me to open. My very strong husband can open and close it, but is difficult even for him.

These are the things we did. After removing the old parts, we cleaned all tracks on window and window frame. After installing the pivot shoes, made sure they moved up and down easily in track before attaching the new spiral balance. Applying the recommended number of turns to add the tension to the spiral balance did nothing. We removed the window several times and eventually increased the amount of tension up to 11 rotations. Is there a
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting! This is a good question. It's possible you do not have the appropriate color tip for the balances in question. The color tip, you see, indicates how much weight two balances working together can support.

What balances are being used in the two trouble windows? What tip color did you select for them? Finally, what is the weight of each sash? That last bit of information is crucial, as it will help us determine whether or not the balances you ordered have the right spring strength for the job.
A home owner from USA says:
We ordered the heaviest choice for the heaviest window, S900-35 green tip. (Which was the color tip of the spiral balance originally installed in window) The smaller windows were not weighed, but we ordered spiral balances with the same color tip as were originally in windows. We weighed only the heaviest window but will pull one each of the two smaller window sash and weigh them and advise.

Spoke on phone with Tim this morning and he suggested perhaps the orientation of the pivot shoe was in the locked position or the pivot bar was either not correct configuration for pivot shoe or needed adjustment not to protrude into the pivot shoe as far. Will try these solutions and weigh the sashes and let you know.

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