How to remove the 81-143 roller

A quick learner from mission viejo ca says:
Can the rollers be removed by the one philips screw? There is sort of a lock washer on the screw that seems to be preventing the screw from coming out. Also, there are two other screws (bolts) that have a very unusual head. It is not a allen wrench, but similiar. The head is almost like a sideways 8. These doors were installed in 1980 or 1981. they are good quality and in good shape except for the rollers. I think the unusal screws will require a special tool. Please provide me with as much information as possible. I have three doors that need repairing asap.
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Mike from SWISCO responded:
Good Morning,

I am going to have to talk to an expert who has experience with this roller about the removal procedure but in the meantime can you send us a photo of the screw bolt with the unusual head?
A quick learner from Mission Viejo, CA says:
How long will it take you to talk to an "expert"?
In order to send you a picture, I have to drive to my daughter's house, remove the door, download the picture etc.
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Mike from SWISCO responded:
Unfortunately our sliding door expert Dave, is out today. He has worked with sliding door rollers all his live so he should be able to tell you how this particular roller is removed from the sliding door. So I will not have an immediate answer for you today.

You do not have to send a picture. Dave may know what you are referring to based on your description. I just wanted to gather as much information as possible to provide the most accurate answer we can.
A quick learner from mission viejo says:
Checking in for an answer from Dave regarding the installation and wherher or not any special tool is required. I have three doors that need repair as soon as possible.
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
I don't believe you will need any special tool other than a screwdriver. The hard part will be to take the door off of your track. Take the two screws out of the bottom rail and use a block of wood to separate the rail from the glass. Be careful you don't damage the glass.
A quick learner from mission viejo says:
Thank you
A professional from California says:
I know this is an old post, but for future reference: The special screws are called clutch head. These are usually only on the back side for security. I have been able to remove them with a flat screwdriver in a pinch, but it needs to fit tightly, or you risk stripping the head. You can find bits and drivers on Amazon. Search for clutch screw. The bottom rail rarely needs to be removed. Be sure the tab on top engages the hole in the rail or the side rails can pull off. The tab is the only thing holding the bottom corners together. This door is on the outside and the screen is on the inside. This makes it one of the easiest doors to take out.
The center screw does have a locking washer on it. This is because it is not supposed to be removed.
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