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A home owner from Oahu says:
I need to replace my sliding door handle as it doesnt lock properly. I can still lock the latch from the inside but when you pull hard enough you can just pull it open. I am not sure what parts I need to fix this?? I will get a new handle because there is a little crack - but the real problem is that it does not lock securely. My lock is the the type with a latch - (no key lock)I am also sending image. What do you suggest that I purchase to fix this?
Thank you
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Hello, Elisha. I think our 82-069 would be a great place to start for the handle set, just make sure the dimensions match. As for the door not locking properly, try adjusting the mortise lock. There should be a screw on the face that you can turn to push it forward or back. Play with that and see if it helps your problem. If not, take a couple pictures of the mortise lock and keeper and we can try to come up with a better solution. You may also find the video below helpful.
A professional from California says:
Open the door. move the lever into the locked position. Push down on the hook and wiggle it a little. It should stay in the locked position. If it does not, the mortise is probably bad, but could also be installed wrong, or the wrong type. If it stays in position, close the door until the hook is close to the strike. Look to see if the hook is at least 1/8" higher than the low point of the strike(but not much more, this type can be finicky about just a little is enough) . If not, lower the strike. If it is the correct height, sometimes that type of mortise hits on the way out before lifting up. Try flipping the latch out, but not up. Then close the door and push the lever the rest of the way. (Wow, this is long. No wonder people pay me to do this.) There are more possibilities, but I'm tired of typing. Play around with it and get back to Paul with what you find.
A home owner from lanai says:
Thank you so much for your response! Yes I did try adjusting the screw and that still does not work. I have attached pictures of the lock.
Have a great day,
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Check out the advice posted by the professional from California first. That is definitely a great place to start. Otherwise, the only other thing I can think of is that the mortise lock is worn and not working properly. You may need to replace it.
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