IWC single hung vinyl window will not stay open

A quick learner from Northern California says:
I've watched your videos but when I release the side clips and open the window, the balances do not stay attached to the sides, they stay on the window. I finally was able to get the window out by wiggling it and then the balances fell off. They don't look broken so I'm not sure if replacing them will fix my problem. There must be some way the balances are supposed to be attached to something inside the side of the window but I don't know how to fix that. Balances are 13 7/8 " long without the plastic end pieces. Markings are 1350 BSI VN What do I do? IWC is no help, they say they have no responsibility anymore. Thank you for any help you can provide. Suzanne
User submitted photos of a window balance.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting, Suzanne. If your windows won't stay open, then the balance will need to be replaced. It may not be physically damaged, but the spring could simply have lost tension over the years.

As for a replacement, we can definitely help, though it will need to be custom made. Before we begin, can you just tell me how many you need?
A quick learner from Northern California says:
Than you Tom,

I only need 2. Would it be very expensive and time consuming to have only 2 custom made?
So many of the balances Swisco has available are so very close to mine, wouldn't it be possible to substitute one that was slightly different?

I have another question, where does the little metal piece on the bottom of the bottom plastic piece come from? It's not shown on any of the Swisco pictures.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Great, thank you. I'll email you a custom order link for these balances, which includes a price quote. You can use this link to add the custom balances to your cart as if it were any other product.

I'm afraid due to the unique design of your balance, our standard balances will not work as a substitute. The differences may seem subtle, but they count for a lot.

The metal piece you mention is a clip that hooks the balance to the window jamb. It's design one of several aspects that makes this balance custom. None of our standard balances has a clip like this.
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