Jordan window balances and sash guides.

A handy person from Arivaca, AZ says:
I need to replace both balances and sash guides on a window I am repairing. The window is non-tilting, 1/2" balances, 29" long. The stamp reads, 28 3 CALDWELL LM.

I am having trouble identifying the correct shoes and guides, so am sending along photographs.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,
User submitted photos of a window balance.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting. Before I can confirm what Series channel balance you have, I'll have to figure out what your bottom shoe is. Please look at the measurements for our 15-001 and 15-002 bottom shoes and note their depths. As you can see, they are 1-1/8" deep and 1" deep, respectively. Which measurement more closely resembles your own shoe?

As for the top sash guide, check out either our 18-009 or 18-064 and see if either of these will work for you.
A quick learner from Arivaca, AZ says:

Thank you for your response.

The bottom shoe is 1" deep making it a 15-002.

The 18-009 most closely resembles the existing top sash guide, all measurements accurate, however with several distinct differences. The length of the 009 is 1 11/32", the original, 1 11/16". Top hole on 009, 3/16, original closer to 1/8. Bottom hole 11/16 on 009, and 15/16 on original.

I think we can make this work. Unfortunately the window is 75 miles away in Tucson, and I don't exactly understand the mechanics of the thing. If the overall length is not a concern, then the top hole can easily be made to match. That leaves the bottom hole. Perhaps a new hole could be drilled in the guide to match the window, or a new hole could be drilled in the frame about the glass to match the guide?


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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Hey, Alex, thanks for getting back to us. 18-009 seems to be the closest possible match that we have. If you can modify it to work in your sash, that'd be great. If you aren't comfortable with that kind of project, though, we can try to find something that may be a little closer.

If you have the 15-002, then you should check out our Series 351 channel balance. How does that look?
A handy person from Arivaca, AZ says:

Thinking through the operation of the window, it does not seem that the length of the top sash guide would affect the operation of the window.

I can modify either the sash or the guide to firmly attach the two, so I will go ahead and order the balances and top shoes.

Thanks!, to You and Paul and anyone else who may have helped in this matter.
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