Looking for replacement International brand patio sliding door handle - 2 piece, keyed

A home owner from Las Vegas, NV says:
Attached are a few photos of my existing International brand patio door handle/keyed lock set, both the inside handle and the outside door mounted keyed lock. I couldn't find any part numbers on it. It's probably an older set, not sure how long it's been on the door. I would like to find an exact or closest replacement of this handle/door set for ease of installation, so that I won't have to drill new holes or other adjustments. I found what appears to be a match on your website but wasn't 100% sure, so hopefully you can fully identify this handle/lock set and guide me to the part number at your site that i can order. Thank you!
User submitted photos of patio door hardware.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Please see our 82-060 patio door handle set and 82-308 key lock. I think this hardware could work for you.
A home owner from Las Vegas, NV says:
thank you so much, that one looks like a match to mine.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Our pleasure! Let us know how this works out for you.
A home owner from Las Vegas, NV says:
Hi! Just wanted to follow up on this project with a couple of questions. I purchased the suggested interior door handle and it worked beautifully.Thank you!

I had also purchased the suggested exterior keyed pull. However, I had an existing keyed exterior pull and decided to use that with the new handle. It worked okay for awhile, but suddenly the key wouldn't turn the lock and it just turned without unlocking the door, as if it wasn't engaging with the interior mechanism. In the meantime, I had returned the exterior keyed lock that I originally purchased, thinking I wouldn't need it because (I thought) my existing keyed lock was working okay.

I took off the new handle to see if I could figure out why the lock suddenly wasn't working.
I had kept the old International brand handle for safekeeping in case I needed it for reference. I looked at the interior black rubber device on it and compared it to the new door handle inner mechanism and noted that the old one had a slot type of configuration in the middle (see photo) but the new one has a round center. The lock mechanism on my old existing lock is also a slot that perhaps doesn't fit into the round hole of the new lock and that's what caused it to fail and cease to engage the lock?

Before I re-order the suggested exterior lock for this unit, I just want to double check with you that this "mis match" on the little black rubber interior piece of these door handles (the slot configuration vs. the round hole configuration) is what caused the failure of my existing lock and that the new one will, indeed work (does it have a round thing on the lock that fits into the round area of the black rubber mechanism?) I hope this makes sense! Thanks for your further assistance before I re-order the lock. I probably should have kept it! It is frustrating at times being a DIYer!
User submitted image of their door hardware.
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for getting back to us. I took a look at the inside handle. Your original looks like it is made of metal while the one on the newer handles is made of black plastic. What could have happened was from using the key cylinder, the black plastic internal actuator "rounded" out. It could have happened because the key cylinder tail was not long enough and not going deep into the plastic actuator inside the handle. Another problem I see is that the inside lever handle must be lifted a little to bypass the aluminum bumps in the handle itself. That could have put excess strain on the plastic actuator and "rounded" out the hole. One solution would be to file down the aluminum bumps a little to make it easier to actuate the lock.
A home owner from Las Vegas, NV says:
Thank you for the further information on this. Yes, my original handle is metal on the inside where the actuator is, whereas the new one is plastic.
If the plastic has gotten "rounded out", does that mean that even if I re-order the recommended keyed lock mechanism that goes with this item, that it might not work because it has gotten rounded out? I would hate to order it, only to have it not work any better than my original lock. I will try to file down the aluminum bumps on the lever/handle to see if that helps. Thanks again!
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
I agree, unfortunately, the design of this patio door set is not ideal for key locks.
A home owner says:
Yes, unfortunately, it doesn't seem idea, since the interior part is made of plastic rather than metal and can get rounded out. I think the best thing to do in this case is return the handle and go about this in some other way. Thanks again for your feedback on this problem!
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