Male Hanger 70-118 - mateiral & function

A professional from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada says:

We need a hanger that will allow the installation of storm windows that can hang in place, but when needed during the winter, they can pivot out about 4" at the bottom.

We cannot use a traditional hanger, as there is not enough space at the top of the frame for installation and operation.

We found the screen hangers Male Hanger No. 70-118 and 70-019 on your website which looks like it may work for us. We need to know:

a. Can these be used to hang a storm window.
b. What material are these manufactured in.
c. Can these be shipped to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada by overnight delivery.


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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
I don't know if these will work for you. They are made of aluminum and used on screens. I don't know if they will support glass panels.

Are these wooden storm panels? Also, what are the dimensions of the material used to make the panels? I would like to know the thickness of the frame specifically. Can you also send photo with dimensions?
A professional from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada says:
Window storms are about 4'wide x 5' high.

The top rail is 1 1/2" high by 1 1/4" thick.

If the aluminum hangers do not work, could you recommend another product?

We do not have any original aluminun hangers. The original storm windows, c. 1875, were held in place with thumb turns, when it was an industrial type building. Now that we are renovating it to put n offices, we want the occupants to be able to open the single hung windows and open out the storms during het winter when the weather is fine. The type of top hanger we had chosen is shown in the attached photo. It does not work due to a lack of space to mount the hanger and to pass the hook over the hanger.

As we cannot go with a top hanger, we are looking for a side mount system.
A customer submitted photo of a window hanger.
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
I contacted another company that makes the old style wood storm windows like yours. He suggested to trim the top of the storm and install a mortise hinge instead of the face mounted brackets.

Alternatively, you can try a local hardware store and see what they suggest.

One last thought. Could you just notch out the part that interferes with the top bracket of your storm?
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