Masterview non-tilt spiral balances

A home owner from Phoenix says:
We have masterview windows. The company has gone out of business and we have a few spiral channels in need of replacement. A while back I purchased the 306 spiral balance and it appears to fit but with a few problems. We are just now trying to install the first one. The shoe does not work with the corner brace on the window sash. The shoe that appears the same is part 15-073. In addition, the holes on the 306 spiral balance appear to be farther apart than on the original window spiral balance, and I fear this will cause a problem. And one more problem, the original spiral balance I now find has a green tip and the 306 has a red tip. I have been searching and have been unable to find a balance that would appear to work. Can you direct me to a balance that will work with the 15-703 shoe and has a green tip? We are looking at a 29 inch length. It appears we will also need to purchase the rivet. Can the 306 balances that I have already purchased be made to work with this new shoe? How concerned should I be that these are red tip and the original balance was green tip? Thanks in advance for any help. Will the 900 series and the 15-073 shoe work with our window? Is there an easier fix to retrofit to our window the "newer" hardware/type shoe. I looked at part bracket #S 32 and it appeared that it might work with the 900. I am also concerned about the color of the tip. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. I should mention that the width of our spiral balance is 3/8".
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Donna from SWISCO responded:
We can custom make a Series 900 balance with the needed fitting.
Reply with the quantity and the length of the current balance to send you a custom balance ordering link.
If you are unsure the 15-073 is the correct balance fitting, post a photo of the original balance attachment so we can research it for you.

We suggest replacing to the original balance when possible.
The 17-026 bracket works with the Series 400 non-tilt spiral balance. Take a look at the following guide for a similar system, the 17-026 would attach to the side of the sash not the bottom as in this guide:
A quick learner from Phoenix says:
Hello - the spiral chanel should be 29 inches. Is blue and green tip the same in terms of strength? I am attaching a photo of the show attached to the current chanel. I will send a separate photo in anothe post for a close up of the shoe. I tried posting this the other day but evidently it did not post. We would probably only want 4 until we know that it will work. We would also want to add some screws, rivits, and extra shoes to the order. Any help is appreciated. Additional picture showing the corner attachment for the sash.
user submitted photos of spiral balance attachments
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Since the Series 306 Spiral Balance comes with the 15-066 Spiral Balance Shoe and not the one you need, the 15-073 Sash Carrier Bracket, this will require a custom balance order.

The Red Tip will carry a window sash weight range of 10 through 22 pounds.
The Green Tip will carry 14 through 26 pounds.

This information is based on 2 balances per sash. Balances are designed assuming friction in the jamb weather-strip will carry a portion of the sash weight. Suggested sash weights are approximate.
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Donna from SWISCO responded:
Go to the following form to start a custom balance order, be sure to include the needed color tip, red or green:

Custom Balance with 15-073 attached
A home owner from Phoenix, AZ says:
I also have Masterview windows and am in Phoenix, AZ. The tip on the spiral balance is green. The length is 29" and the hardware is identical to that posted by "A quick learner" from Phoenix on March 23, 2011.

My windows are non-tilt, but if I am interpreting what I've read correctly, I believe that the Series 900 balance can be fit with the 15-073 Sash Carrier Bracket, correct? If I order the Series 900 balances with the identical number of 15-073 sash carrier brackets, will you automatically attach them or is there something more I need to do during ordering to ensure that they are attached when they arrive? Or, am I to attach them myself with the rivets and rivet tool?

Thanks for your help.
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Mike from SWISCO responded:
We will attach the balance shoe for you.

You can go to the following form to start a custom balance order, be sure to include the needed color tip, red or green:

Series 900 Custom Balance with 15-073 attached
A home owner from Cave Creek, AZ says:
I've got 6 Master View single hung windows as well. The balances have been a mess.

In all 6 windows, the shoes had come disconnected from the clips at the bottom of the sash -- generally while raising the window. This leads me to some questions.

1. Is it common for this type of shoe to come off the sash clip? If so, is there a better design - and do you have it?

2. Is there a routine maintenance required for these -- such as lubrication? In repairing my balances (take off clip, fix and re-attach the bent shoe, tension the spiral and re-attach to sash) I've found each of the spirals in desperate need of lubrication such light grease.

3. I do need a couple replacements as well. Mine are ~30 inches (including shoe) but there are no color coded tips on the balance.

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Mike from SWISCO responded:
Let me answer your questions in order.

For the balance to disconnect, it is either not charged enough or it's the wrong length.

Referring to maintenance, after one year you should apply a small amount of white grease to the spiral.

Finally, try the red tip, which is actually the most common.
A quick learner from Phoenix, AZ says:
I purchased 2 replacement spiral balances from you and tried installing them on my Master View window ( 29" green tip, Series 900 balance fit with the 15-073 Sash Carrier Bracket). It was impossible to attach the charged balance to the window. I gave up and hired a local repair company specializing in this kind of repair to come install them. Their technician could not get them charged and reattached to the window either and ended up breaking the shoe off the one of the new balances. It's a nightmare trying to attach the charged balance carrier bracket back on to the window. Is there any way I could use another style carrier bracket that would be easier to charge and reattach?
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Mike from SWISCO responded:
We believe the 17-031 Bracket #14 would work with your application, and could make things a bit easier.

Just fill out this Custom Balance Order Form for custom S400 balances and submit it to us, just like you did before.

I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you've been having with your installation.

Please note, the 17-031 Bracket #14 is sold separately and is not included in the custom balance order.
A quick learner from Phoenix says:
I am the person who started this thread and purchased the balances but have not had the chance to install them - frankly it has been too hot out to open the windows. I am disappointed to see that the person from Cave Creek tried them and it did not work. I see that you are trying a new shoe and wonder if you could post your results after trying them. Sounds like we need a support group for masterview windown owners in Phoenix.

Also, someone mentioned trying a repair company that specialized in this sort of thing. Were they not able to repair the windows at all? Replacing windows is quite a pricey event so hopefully these windows can be repaired.

Please post any results. Cheers, MJ
A quick learner from Phoenix, AZ says:
Thank you. I'm willing to try but I need green tip rather than red tip. Can the custom order accomodate that? 29" green tip, non-tilt, with 17-031?
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Mike from SWISCO responded:
Yes, this Custom Balance Form Submission will have the Green tip option.

Sorry for not asking you about it earlier.
A quick learner from Phoenix says:
In looking at the 400 and the 17-031, it looks like the 17-031 is detachable and not permanently attached to the spiral. Is that accurate? I notice that you mention that you will attach it.

Also, what is the difference between the 17-031 and the 17-026 other than size? might it be a good idea to get 2 of the 400 series and 2 of each of these shoes to see if either one works?

This is to the other person in Phoenix with this issue, if you try this please post results as we will likely have the same issues. We are not far from Cave Creek by the way.

Cheers, MJ
A home owner from Cave Creek says:
Quick Learner in Phoenix, I haven't yet purchased new ballances from SWISCO. (But I am about to)

I do agree that reconnecting a tensioned sprial's shoe to the sash clip is really difficult on these windows.

What worked for me:

I removed the sash-clip from the window first, then extended the sprial and re-shaped the shoe (15-073) to it's original form and re-attached the shoe to the sash clip. Finally, I tensioned the spiral and re-attached the clip to the sash (shoe already connected).

A quick learner from Phoenix, AZ says:
Today I tried installing custom green tip spiral balance #14 with #17-031 bracket on my Masterview window.

Bracket #17-031 is 1/16" too wide and the hole for mounting it to the underside of the window isn't in the right location.

The holes on the window are at 1/4" and 1.5" in from the edge of the window. The channel where the bracket goes is 1/4" wide and the channel itself is 7/16" deep.

Do you have another clip that might work?

Thank you for your help.

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Paul from SWISCO responded:
I'm sorry, but that is the only size clip that goes with the Series 400. One thing I can suggest is maybe filing down the sides so it would fit in sash, and drill a new hole to attach it. Aside from that, I'm afraid that we can't help you any further.
A home owner from Cave Creek says:

My two new balances arrived once again (first pair were bent in shipment). Following my steps above: attach the clip to the shoe FIRST (and tighten the shoe in the process), THEN tension; then re-install the clip into the window sash worked nicely.

The window is nice and smooth. My wife wants me now to change balances on the other 4 windows!
A quick learner from Phoenix says:
Well - I got a custom order over a year ago and never got around to giving it a go replacing the channel. Finally tried it today because we have good weather - and it works!!!!! I am so very pleased. We had the correct shoe and the greent tip channel and it all worked as planned. Thanks for all of your help and thanks for the Cave Creek homeowner who had some input. The sash now works better than others in the house so I fear we now have to do some additional windows.

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