Miliani Brother's sunroom storm door replacement handle

A quick learner from Suffolk, VA says:
I had a Miliani Brother's sunroom installed in 2002. The handle on the outside door needs to be replaced. According to Miliani Brother's website, the door hardware is Schlage, but I can't find anything that matches what I have on their site or anyone elses for that matter. I have enclosed four pictures to help identify what I have. The Photo 1 is the door with the handle removed taken from the interior. Photo 2 is a photo of the interior handle. Photo 3 is shows the middle, and Photo 4 show the exterior handle.

Thanks for your help.
Troy L.
User submitted photos of their Milani Brother's sunroom storm door handle.
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Mike from SWISCO responded:
Good afternoon, Troy.
Thank you for posting on the discussion board and submitting your photos. Unfortunately we have not been able to locate replacement door hardware for your Schlage handle and lock set. I am sorry we were unable to help you with your project. Good luck in your search.
A home owner from Richmond Virginia says:
I am so disappointed in Miliani Brothers, I need that same door handle and can not seem to find one. A customer spend fifteen thousand dollars in a sunroom and can not find a ten dollar door handle, shame on Miliani Brother.
A home owner from Milan Michigan says:
We have the same door handle on our sunroom that was put in by Steven's Sunroom which went out of business. Our set has broken inside with the spindle and the sleeve. We currently are waiting for a new sleeve to come for repair. Has anyone found where you can get a replacement?
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Actually, we have recently added a handle that you might want to consider. Check out our 40-192. I cannot guarantee that it will work, but it certainly appears very similar. Give it a look and see what you think.
A quick learner from Near Statesville, NC says:
The 40-192 was a perfect replacement for my Sunroom door latch. The old latch looked exactly like the one pictured above for the Miliani Brother's (or Schlage) latch. I was able to install it in about 15 minutes. It latches firmly on even a light push. The dead-bold also seems to be longer than the old one. Great choice!

A quick learner says:
I had the same issue and the 192 is a perfect replacement. Thanks
A home owner from west pittsburg pa. says:
I am so thankful I found this thread i have been looking for this handle for years I just orderd two of them thank you.
A quick learner from Smithfield, VA says:
I am in the same boat with regards to our Malani Brothers sunroom doors. I have two doors which both have broken handles. Based on everyone else's comments above, I'm ordering mine tonight! I'll let you know how they work.
A home owner from Yorktown, Virginia says:
I want to than everyone in this forum and SWISCO. I too have a Milani Brother's sunroom, had it installed in 1994. The door handle broke twice already. The first time we could not find a replacement door handle, but Milani's were still in business, so we had them replace it. However, it broke again 4 days ago (5/17/15), and I was quite worried because I knew it was a unique item. I searched the internet and found this forum. I ordered the 40-192, which came in today, and sure enough it was a perfect fit. Thanks again everyone, and thanks to SWISCO for being there!
A quick learner from Silver Spring, MD says:
Based on the number of people with the same faulty piece of hardware, I'm surprised there aren't more alternatives out there.

I was overjoyed to find this message thread as I've been looking for a replacement handle for well over two years. Mine is exactly like the one pictured, so I'm hoping the 40-192 works for me as well.

Ordered! Can't wait.
A quick learner from Silver Spring, MD says:
The door handle/lock arrived today and was a perfect fit. Thank you all so much!
A home owner from Daphne Al says:
So glad I found this message thread! We have the same issue with a sunroom that was here when we purchased the house. The handle has broken off twice on us (I'm sure for the previous owner also, as he had installed another pull handle above on the outside where the handle has broken) & is now broken for good. We always had trouble with the dead-bolt also, even when the handle was intact. We are about to put our house on the market and need to fix it. Not interested in spending $200+ on a one panel full glass storm door. Feeling hopeful after reading all the comments and positive feedback. Will show this to my husband and hopefully we'll be ordering soon. I've not found even one other replacement anywhere that looks like it has the possibility to work. Fingers crossed.....
A home owner from Daphne Al says:
It's perfect! So thankful we found this & read the comments. So happy to finally have our sunroom door handle fixed. Thank you!
A home owner from VA says:
The 40-192 proved to be a perfect replacement for the Melani Brothers sunroom door replacement handle and Lock - it lined up perfectly and really looks a ton better than the old one that originally came with the sunroom. I hope I never need another one but I know what to get should this one wear out over time as well - this is well made and looks great. Thanks for making this available and thanks to everyone else for their feedback on various threads that made me confident this was the way to go - the pictures that accompanied this thread looked exactly like our setup.
A quick learner from Chesterfield, virginia says:
Thank you Lord for allowing good people to to go the extra mile in helping out thousands of Milano brothers sunroof inclosures owners!! I too am dealing with a broken door handle as well as worn and missing weatherstripping. Going to search that handle and try to purchase it today! Thank you again for posting...and for leaving up the feed! :)
A quick learner from Charlotte,NC says:
Thanks so much! Looked at Lowes who had a subcontractor install my Sunroom in 1999. I was not a happy camper this am learning this was no longer available. Thanks for the information.AWESOME! I have ordered mine 40-192 Thanks to you guys and SWISCO
A quick learner from South Chesterfield, Va. says:
I was overjoyed to find out what kind of lock/handle
I needed to buy for my sunroom door ( put in by Malani Bros.) I have been looking for quite awhile. THANK YOU
all for all the info. God Bless You!!
A home owner from Valrico FL says:
So very happy I found this...Ordered two 40-192 replacement sets.
Window and door companies in this area said the lock sets were "special" and were available through dealers only.
Prices quoted for replacement unit with installation $179.00 each!
A handy person from Oswego il says:
Have been looking for this door latch. came across this web site on first try today. Thanks!!
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