Missing set screw in plastic top glide pivot pin keeps popping out.

A home owner from New York says:
I think this is a very old monarch bifold metal framed mirrored door.
One of the doors top pivot pins keeps popping out of plastic glide. When I look at the other side bifold there is a tiny screw in the plastic glide that is keeping the pivot pin in place.
If you notice, in the pic, there is a hole for a screw which I do not have.
Will a Monarch replacement glide, which you carry,solve my problem?
Thanks so much.
Hope you can solve my problem?
Also pic is without removal of part.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
I think your door may once have had a bracket like our 21-205, but someone in the past replaced that with our 21-108 for whatever reason and screwed it to the frame. Check out our 21-205 and see if that's a better match. I can't be sure without knowing what was installed originally, though. This is just my best guess.
A home owner from New York says:
Thanks for getting back to me Paul.

You state that part 21-108 is screwed into frame. It is not. It is free floating with a set screw that allows that nylon part to move along track with the top pivot pin in place. Your part is exactly like mine except for the fact that mine has a hole on the flange of the glide. The tiny screw that goes into the hole in the guide's flange is just short enough that it doesn't touch the frame but can hold the top part of the pivot pin from slipping out of the glide. I do not have another screw that size. If I buy part 21-108 will it hold the pivot pin in place?
Will part 21-205 screw touch metal frame and therefore not allow the flat part to glide within the track or will it freely glide in the track with the pivot pin in place?
Thanks so much for your prompt attention to my problem. Would love to get this resolved.
A quick learner from New York says:
Just a follow-up:
Bottom nylon guides also have that set screw holding in the pivot pin. Notice in pic the screw blocking the pivot pin from slipping out.
I installed this door 25? Years ago and only used the parts that came with the bifold. I never replaced any part during those years.
Either I order a couple of 21-108s, find a very short screw at hardware store or big box and drill a tiny hole for the screw or your 21-205 will work after I read your correspondance to my previous email.
Thanks again
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Thank you for clarifying. This is kind of weird. I think it's possible this is a custom setup. The people who installed it originally must have had a good reason for using the 21-205, but that screw hole looks like it was done on-site. This bracket is not made with a hole.

Would you be able to make the same hole in the 21-108? That may be better than going with the 21-205 and hoping that it works the same way.
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