Need Spiral 3/8" Balancers

A quick learner from Houston, TX says:
I have Champion brand non-tilt double-pane windows, and need new balancers ? let?s start with 12.
All appear to be equipped with Series 306 spiral balancers with red tips (pictures attached)
29? round shaft
3/8? outer diameter
The spiral length is 31".
The lightest window weighs ~10 lbs.
The heaviest window weighs ~17 lbs.

I also need a tool for non-tilt windows. 75-005?

The windows are 1998 vintage (and only used 4 or so times/year) but all spirals are coated with ?gunk? which originally was probably grease but has since changed into sticky gunk. Even the red plastic tips are hardly recognizable unless you destroy the balancer and excavate the tips from the round housing. Are all ?factory? original spiral balancers equipped with this grease which turns sticky over time?

Is there any trick to hooking the Spiral Balance Shoe at the bottom of the window? I have a hard time getting it hooked and in a few days the spiral often falls down. Maybe you sell a ?Balancers for Dummies? book? If so I could use one.

It is my understanding these are the steps to install new spiral balancers in non-tilt windows(?):
1. Secure new balancer at top with screw
2. Raise bottom sash to highest position
3. Wind spiral 2 to 3 times with tool and fasten spiral balance shoe bracket to bottom of sash

Anything else?

Thanks for your assistance.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:

Thanks for contacting us. We can help, but I should tell you that this isn't our Series 306. The bottom hook is different. That's a 15-073 shoe, which is non-standard and necessitates a custom order. 

Before we go further, I would like you to clarify how many balances of the 12 are for the 10 pound sash and how many are for the 17 pound sash. Once I k now that, I can email you an order link and price quote for that quantity.

To answer your follow-up questions, all spiral balances come with a coating of grease for lubrication, yes. We can't supply anything without it. 

There is no trick to hooking the bottom clip to the sash. Trust me, I wish there was. I've scraped more knuckles than I care to admit replacing these. All I can tell you is that it takes patience. Having a friend hold the window up for you makes it a lot easier, at least. I wouldn't even try it these days without an extra pair of hands.

The process you described of replacing the balance is accurate.

A quick learner from Houston, TX says:
Thanks for the reply and pointing out the discrepancy. I am glad I sent the pictures.

All window balancers presently have the red tips. Not saying it is proper or correct but that is the way this new house was sold to me in 1998. Also, they have deteriorated beyond use.

There are several different sizes of windows but I will divide into two main categories:
Two windows (4 balancers) are smaller at roughly 10 lbs.
Four windows (8 balancers) are larger at >17 lbs. Let's up this larger size number to 20 balancers as I have more larger windows to evaluate later and may need some spares.
To summarize:
4 smaller weight balancers w/correct shoes
20 larger weight balancers w/correct shoes

I took apart another balancer to verify the shoes were all alike, and they appear to be (more pics enclosed below for your viewing pleasure).

Thanks again Tom.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:

Thank you! That's a huge help. I think we have everything we need to get started. If all your old balances have red tip, then that seals the deal for me. I was going to do a little math to figure that out but there's no need now. I will email you an order link and price quote for 24 custom balances.

To go into a bit more detail of what exactly we're doing, we'll be using our S300-29 as the base, specifically due to the very helpful spiral length you provided above (31"). This comes with a white plastic shoe by default but we're going to remove that and install a 15-073 shoe in its place. The red tip color option will be used in all cases, since it comfortably covers both 10 and 17 pounds. 17 pounds is at the higher end, but if your old balances used red tips then it will be perfectly fine.

Please let me know if you had any questions.

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