Need a thumb lock

A quick learner from Jacksonville, FL says:
I spoke to Tom/Tim (not sure) and he told me to send a picture of my lock. My handle is like the legacy style with a handle on each side of the door, but no key lock on the outside. The thumb lock is shaped like the legacy and I would like to not have to buy the entire handle set if possible, but get the thumb lock and put it in, if that would work.

Please let me know ASAP what to buy.
User submitted photos of patio door hardware.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thank you for posting. I agree, this looks like our 82-073. Unfortunately, the thumb lever on this handle is pressed in at the factory, and so we do not sell it separately. I apologize for the inconvenience.
A quick learner from Jacksonville, FL says:
Tom, I am not sure if I spoke to you and asked you if you had this handle set without the key showing. The key would be fine I guess, but it would be on the side of patio door in my screened in patio. I would be locking it with the thumb lock inside and to break into my house, someone would have to have a key right? Or pick the lock. If this is as safe as having no keyhole at all, it would work right? I would go in and out using the thumb lock and only lock the patio with a key if I went out of town. The handle I have on it now does not have a slot for a key, it is just plain on the side facing out to the screened enclosure. I have a lock on the enclosure door, going out to the yard, also. So this would be double protection, if I wanted it.

Are these "handed" or can I turn it anyway to install it? The pic shows handles facing to the left, as you can see in my pic, mine face to the right.

A quick learner from Jacksonville, FL says:
Tom, I don't know what I was thinking , but I have a handle on both sides of the patio door. Does this key lock come on a handle? If not I could use it because I need a handle on the other side.

We may have discussed this, I have had so much going on that I forgot!
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
We don't have a version of our 82-073 without a key lock, but you may be able to substitute the whole thing with our 82-069. This comes with no key lock, by default.

We also do not sell "dummy handles", that is, the handle on the other door that has no locking function. However, you should be able to use a regular handles as a substitute with no issue.

If you want to use the 82-069, and still want a key lock, you could look at our 82-310.
A quick learner from Jacksonville says:
Tom, I called your company and the girl tried to help me, but told me to email you again with my questions.

1. The 82-073 - Can it be reversed to pull to the right like in my picture?
Since I have the handle for the outside of the door, where the key lock is, could I
use my handle with the new inside handle that has the thumb lock and just not
use the key lock side?

2. The 82-310 - looking at my picture with the screwdriver in the black lock hole, would this key be able to fit in my door if I got a locksmith to put it in? Then the key would be on the inside where my thumb lock was. The girl on the phone said it did not look like it would fit, because my door did not have a round hole it looked like to her, but said you would know. I would rather do #1 solution if possible.
Please let me know in detail which would work.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
1. Yes, you can reverse the 82-073. You may be able to simply use the inside handle, but I can't guarantee that it will work. I don't see the harm in trying, at least.

2. I don't think the 82-310 will fit in that hole. These handles are not meant to have a key lock on the inside. Furthermore, I cannot recommend anything that could work for that end, as having a key lock on the inside of a door is considered a fire hazard.
A professional from California says:
I often use 82-069 as a replacement for this handle.
Just be aware that you may need to make the screw holes slightly larger on the inside to accommodate the posts on 82-069. If you choose 82-073 you should be able to reuse your outside handle. The screws may be different, but the posts on the outside can be swapped with the new ones. 82-035 could also be used, but I don't like it.
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