Need the right spline for my Forever View screen door

A quick learner says:
Hi. I'm in need of the rigid black spline that's used in my "FOREVER VIEW" SCREEN DOOR (EMCO) SN: A-1441709. Is it your part# 55-109? Also, do you have any tips for easy REMOVAL of the old spline? Thank you.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
The 55-109 may work for you, yes. How do the specs we show for it match your own? If they differ in any way, I'll need to know exactly how. As for removal, check out the video below.
A quick learner from Chicago says:
Hi. Thanks for replying to my question. As for the "specs," all I can say is the flat plastic spline I have is 3/8" wide and has an extended "lip" on one side. It does look very similar to what's pictured for 55-109, so I think I'll buy it. But the video you attached doesn't really address REMOVAL of the OLD spline. It's really hard to get it out of the frame and I don't want to damage the frame or channel by using a screwdriver. Any suggestions would be most helpful. Thanks!
User submitted a photo of screen spline.
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
You are correct, it is a little difficult to remove, but not impossible. Just take your time so that you do not damage to the frame or yourself.

What I do is use a small flat blade screwdriver or maybe an awl. Start at the corner and get under the old spline to pry it up. Next, you will need a set of pliers to pull it up and out of the frame. Normally, reusing the old spline is next to impossible. We have tried in all the years of repairing these type of screens with no luck. Just be careful when you remove old spline. Safety first.
A home owner from Anchorage says:
The video and narrative omit some details that may drive you nuts. Here are a few ideas to make this job easier.

1) Don't even think of using a cheap plastic roller like those sold at Lowes or Home Depot. Use a metal tool.

2) The spline has one face which has two ribs running lengthwise along the spline. The two ribs face up as you are working on the screen. You can't see this clearly on the video.

3) The spline has one edge which has a longer tongue than the other. That longer tongue fits facing into the inside channel of the screen frame and points towards the center of the door. Get this tongue firmly into its channel before you start rolling the spline.

4. Use the grooved (concave) roller to catch the rib on the side opposite the longer tongue. You want the grooved roller to roll on top of the outside rib when you are pressing the spline into place and the edge of the roller will be rolling against the metal frame. You can't see this clearly on the video either and it's important.
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