Need window balance parts

A quick learner from Long Beach California says:
Hi, these are apparently broken and will not hold the window sash open. Please help me identify them. Thank you!
Spiral balance parts
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for the photos. It seems you have old wood spiral balances. They have since been replaced with balances such as our Series 500 spiral balance. You would also to include a 17-012 bracket. It's a good idea to consider our 75-005 charging tool to assist you with the repair of the balances. But before we go any deeper with these parts, we need for you to provide us with the tube length measurement of your current balances. It's also worth mentioning that top and bottom sash balances will be different lengths. Get all of that information together and come back to us with an update. 
A quick learner from California says:

Hi Paul, now that I've looked at your site and some of the guides and videos. I think my actual balances are fine, it's just the part that attaches to the window at the bottom has broken. It looks like they are attached with rivets to the balance. If I could get some parts that are similar and attach them with rivets or small screws that might do it! I will attach a couple of photos of parts that are broken. Please let me know if you have Parts like these that will fit the bottom of my balances. Thank you!

balance clip

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Paul from SWISCO responded:

Sure! If the bracket is the only thing that's broken, see our 15-172. This can be installed using a 62-010 rivet. If you do not have a rivet tool, see our 75-075.

A quick learner from CA says:
Great. Since I'll be installing that rivet in "mid air" with the balance attached, I don't know if that type of tool will work. Do you think a small screw and nut would do just as well. And after I charge the balance, how do I hold it steady while I attach the bracket to the bottom of the window? Is there a trick? Thank you!
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Paul from SWISCO responded:

We have known customers to have used a very small screw and nut in attaching these brackets to the spiral. Have someone hold the sash in the open position. Bring the spiral up to the sash and turn it to add tension; about three turns. Then, press the bracket to the bottom sash to lock the end hook to the sash. You may need to tap it in with a hammer. Lastly, install with either screws or nail in the two hole.

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