New Wood Mirror Door Hardware

A home owner from Spring Valley, Ca. 91977 says:
Replacing the old stuff, I took a picture of the already installed doors, there the same but the ones that are installed are bigger. Other then that the same. So I need the whole set for the new doors, I couldn't tell if the top has wheels, but the bottom does. The width on the top is 3" there are two tracks, 1/1/2 inches the bottom track to 3 inches. I'm not sure if this is satin or brass. It's a soft color. Please let me know as soon as possible, I am handy, but need help. Thanks, Joann
User submitted photos of mirror closet door hardware.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting. I'm not sure what it is you're looking for. I'm afraid we do not sell complete doors, but we do sell replacement hardware for the smaller parts. If possible, please remove the specific parts you're looking to replace and show us a picture of them separately. That will allow us to better identify what you have and what could work as replacement. I would also like your dimensions, if possible.

In the meantime, you can take a look through our closet mirror door section and see if anything here matches what you have.
A home owner from 3 individual pictures. says:
The area for the lower track is appr. 5' long, and 3 inches width. I have the doors already. The top track is the same length, it is a double track on top, each track is 1/5 inches across, with total width of 3 inches. I need the wheels, also, but could not see any wheels on the top. of a door like this additional set of new doors. It looks like the wheel that I took the picture of is concave. I sent you a total of 3 pictures, one of top track with 2 spaces for door to go into. One of the wheel which is on the bottom, and last one of the bottom track. The pictures (3) show a color and would like to know what the name of the color. You have two two, that may be it, either brass, or satin.Thanks, Joann
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Hey, Joann. The tracks look like our 23-256 bottom track and 23-245 top track, but I cannot tell what your roller is. I will need to see it removed from the door in order to identify a match.
A handy person from Wheel is concave says:
Can you just give me an idea is there a number on the wheel, on the back, I can take a picture of the back of the door, But cannot lift the door. Or you can give me anything, that will work on the track itself. the trak, bottom 23-256. Will the top have a wheel also, I don't think so. I saw nothing on the back. This is for new hardward all around. Thanks, Joann
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
I honestly can't say what roller you have based on that picture. You could look through our selection of mirror closet door hardware to see what rollers we currently carry, but there are many possible matches and all the most important details are obscured in your photo.
A quick learner from Such as??? says:
I will send another picture of the wheel, I honestly can say you don't appear to want to be helpful. I am alone the doors are very heavy, I can't take off the wheel. However you never seem to answer ?'s LIke what is the color can you identify? This will be a complete new tract bottom and top and wheels. I would like to get a complete track system for an area which is being turned into another closet. I wuld like the items to match in color and work together. You must know of a complete set, that can go together and work with each other. I don't understand why, you are causing me all this hardship, perhaps you could ask someone else to assist me. Thank You.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
All I want to do is help, but without enough information to go off of there is only so much I can suggest. I suggested two tracks back on the 9th, the 23-256 bottom track and 23-245 top track, for you to look over. I believe these match the hardware in your pictures well, but you need to look them over to confirm. We list tons of information on each part's respective store page, which I linked to, including color choices, dimensions, and other customer discussions that talk about these parts in detail that you can look over.

There is no complete set like you mention. This kind of closet door doesn't really work that way. There are many, many individual parts all work for many, many different doors. Much of these parts are compatible, but not all. That's why it's important you look over our suggestions to make sure that they are the same as what you have. In regards to your specific color, I can't tell. Metallic colors are hard to specifically pin down in photographs due to lighting. It could be either light gold or satin brass. You will need to use your best judgement. We have detailed pictures on each track's store page you can use as reference.

In the case of your roller, I have nothing to go on in order to make a suggestion. All I can see is the wheel, which is concave, but that's about it. There are dozens of rollers with concave wheels that could work with the 23-256 bottom track and I have no idea where to even start unless I can see more of your part. As it stands, seeing the wheel alone is not enough.

I want nothing more than to assist you as best as I can, but I also need you to meet us halfway. Please understand that there are many millions of homes in the country that were all made by different companies, using different hardware, installed by different contractors, during different decades. The list of replacement parts currently used is vast. In order to identify what you need, we require as much information as you are able to give. If you are not able to provide this information, I highly recommend contacting a local handy person or contractor to come out and help you replace this hardware.
A quick learner from Picture of back of wheel soon to come says:
Hello, Once again, I will do my very best to get a good picture of what is on there. I didn't realize you needed a different type of picture of the wheel. I will take a picture of the back of it, the wheel is screwed on the back of the wood mirrored doors. There are two, that's all I can see. I have tried to get someone to come over but,,, to no avail. I'm sorry if I have misjudged you. I will attempt to do all you ask. I will send picture as soon as I can depending on the light situation. When I get home it's dark, and when I leave it's dark..
A quick learner from back of closet door says:
Here is the back of the door, hope this is the one that will help. Thanks, Joann
User submitted image of their closet hardware.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
That picture is perfect, actually. Exactly what we needed to see. Our 23-028 appears to be a great match, but I would look over our dimensions just to confirm that they line up with yours.
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