Non-Tilt Window Spiral Balance

A home owner from USA says:


I have attached photos of the actual window balance and it appears to be a 'Spiral Balance': It measures 3/8" in diameter and the tube length is 30". The approx. weight of window is 20lbs, so, it appears I would need a 'Green Tip' Spiral Balance for replacement as this tip shows a weight range of 14-26 lbs?

Also, the 'Balance Shoe' (or clip that is riveted to spiral end) appears to be listed on your site as 'Product Code: 15-142' and I would need this part attached or riveted onto the 'Spiral Balance'. This is the critical part of this order. I need to make certain that placement of the 'Balance Shoe' is correct. There appears to be two holes at end of spiral (i.e. where it attaches to bottom of window or sash). One hole is for the rivet of 'Balance Shoe' and the other (located at bottom end) is to be used for the appropriate tool to make adjustments. Also, I would need the appropriate 'non tilt tension tool' if you carry it.

I would like for someone to contact me directly in order to insure the above information is clear and costs involved are understood. I would like to talk with someone before I make any orders. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Thank you,


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Tom from SWISCO responded:

Thanks for posting! I agree, it sounds like you have everything worked out. We can custom make a spiral balance with a 15-142 shoe on it, if you wish. There's just one last piece of information we need before we can get started. 

Can you tell me the length of the internal spiral rod? It should be either 1" or 2" longer than the tube. That will confirm which balance we need to use as the base. Then we'd rive the 15-142 onto it and get it ready to ship out to you.

Can you also tell me how many you need? Once I have this information, I'll email you an order link and price quote for the requested quantity.

A home owner from USA says:

Thanks for the follow-up.

The internal spiral rod extends about 1 inch beyond tube end. Again, the tube is 30" long, with 1 inch of the internal spiral exposed (with 15-142 shoe riveted.

For now, I would like to know the cost of 2 of these completed spiral balances, also shipping cost. I want to make certain that these are correct for what I need before I order more. If I receive them and they are what I expect, I will probably be ordering many more.

Also, I need the charging tool for this spiral balance. Can you help with that also? I think the tool is 75-005 ?

Is there a way I can talk with you over the phone?


Tim B.

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Tom from SWISCO responded:

Great, thank you! With a rod that extends only 1" beyond the tube, we'll be using our Series 900 as the base. I'll email you an order link right now for 2 green tip S900-30 balances with the 15-142 installed at the end. These will come preassembled and ready to install out of the box. 

The 75-005 should work well as the charging tool. It's sold separately, but you can add it to your cart along with the special order balances. That way you can check out with everything at once.

I can't tell you the shipping cost now, since we offer many different delivery options, but it will be calculated for you automatically before your order is finalized.

I'm afraid custom orders cannot be completed over the phone, since the only way we can set them up for you is using these custom order links. Keep an eye on your inbox, I'll be emailing it to you this very minute.

A home owner from USA says:
Ok, just completed the order. I understand these custom balances are non-refundable? What if what I receive is not correct?
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Tom from SWISCO responded:

Thank you! We appreciate your business, it means a lot. As for the balance, as long as the information you gave us is accurate then I'm confident it will work well as a replacement. These aren't too complicated, all things considered. 

A home owner from USA says:
Are there instructions with the 'charging tool' or otherwise on how to adjust tension on my two new balances for my specific sash/window?
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Tom from SWISCO responded:

Our video for replacing a tilt window spiral balance should help. We also have a written guide that can be found here.

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