Non-tilt 1998 aluminum window spiral balance and bottom sash clips

A home owner from AR says:
I have a home built in 1998 with single hung non-tilt windows manufactured by General Aluminum.

Spiral Balance -
See photo 97 - Tube is 3/8" diameter; 30" long; Although hard to see the tip color is red. Please confirm that I should be ordering a S400-30.

Charging Tool - 75-005?

Bottom Sash Clips
Photo 1 is bottom of the sash on the left side of the window.
Photo 94 is bottom of the sash on the right side of the window. The #63 is stamped on the right side clip.
The left side looks open from the bottom and the right side is closed. Is that normal?
If I buy a balance for each side, not sure how to release the existing spiral from the right side?

Your 17-052 #63 brackets look like they might work, but see no way to get the window out to remove the fasteners from the edge on each side? I read in some other threads on your site that these type windows require disassembly to get the sash out.

User submitted photos of a spiral balance & sash clips.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting! Unfortunately, builder's grade windows are not made to have ther sashes removed. Sometimes you even have to completely remove the whole window, but if you're lucky, there might be a screw on trim that you can remove to take out the sash.

If the sash clips are okay, you can replace the balances without taking out the sash. First, with the 75-005 tool, raise the sash and have someone hold it in the up position. Unhook balance and unwind it, then lower the sash slightly to unscrew the top screw holding the balance in place. Let the balance drop. You might have to help it pass the clip.

To install the new balance, lower the sash and drop it from the top down behind the sash. Install the top screw on the balance, raise the sash and, with the 75-005 tool, charge it about three turns. Finally, hook on the clip.

I do agree that our Series 400 looks close. Just make sure that the dimensions all match.
A home owner from AR says:
Thanks for the reply.

I'll try replacing the balances without new clips. There are no screws on the trim to make sash removal an easy job.

Just one follow-up; On the right side sash clip I don't see how to get the charging tool hooked on the end of the balance. Should that bottom portion of the 63 clip slide out of the way or pop off somehow?

Thanks again.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for getting back to us. When the spiral slides down, it will pass through the clip. When that happens, wind up the spiral about three turns with the charging tool, then lock it in the clip.
A contractor from salt lake city utah says:
Quick question. First a comment... These general aluminum 7100 series windows are the complete garbage. They have gone out of business and changed there name to metal industries. MIWD. How in God's name am I supposed to change the balance clips without removable sash? Pull the window you say? That would be ok if it wasn't a new construction nail fin window covered with stucco and brick. I could spend 4 hours doing surgery on it to replace a 50 cent part . That wont happen. Worthless windows! I pretty much know the answer to my problem. I just thought I would share my frustration. Simply because I deal with these particular windows at 3 different apartment communities every day. so there are about 7000 of these pos windows that can potentially be worthless due to a horrible design.
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