NonTilt Window-Spiral balance needs replacing

A home owner from Louisiana says:
Hi I need to replace the spiral balance in one non-tilt window along with its shoe and adjust the spiral balances in other windows that the sash is very hard to open (makes loud spring like noise when I try to open the window). Do you have step by step video instruction on how to a) measure the spiral balance I need to order, (b) how to remove the old spiral balance and replace with new balance, and c) how to adjust the tension on existing spiral balances along with explaining how I would know I have made the correct adjustment/tension (i.e. what am I looking for or how should the tension feel when I adjust it correctly). I am having a difficult time finding a repair person to fix my window balance issues...everyone wants to replace the entire window instead of repair it. Thanks for your help and for this website! Ves in New Orleans.
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Bob from SWISCO responded:

Thanks for posting. Removal and replacement of non-tilt window spiral balances can greatly vary depending on the window and type of spiral balances you have. 

If you wish to try charging the balances first, do this. First, have someone hold the window sash up for you, then use our 75-005 Non-Tilt Spiral Charging Tool. Insert the hooked end in hole in spiral rod. Do not pull spiral rod more than two inches out of balance to tension, as it is likely to be bent if pulled out further, this will ruin the balance. To apply tension, rotate tool clockwise and then push the brass cross pin up into the latch in bracket and remove tool. Apply equal tension to each balance until sash is correctly balanced. Try no more than 3-5 turns. To remove tension twist tool slightly clockwise and pull cross pin down out of its seat in latch.

Now. If you can't charge the balances, and you determine you need to replace them, again have someone hold the sash up for you, then unscrew the balances from below and let them drop down out of the sash. Send us pictures of the balances, especially their attachments, and we'll get back to you with more information. 

A home owner from Louisiana says:
Thank you for your reply. I have ordered 75-005 and tried to charge the spiral balances but it appears they need to be replaced. I attached photos of the existing balances. It has a red tip but appears to be 28.5 not sure if that means order the 28" or the 29" balance. Please advise which item, based on pictures, I need to order. Thanks you so much for your help and all the instructional videos....a world of help! Kindest regards, Ves.
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Bob from SWISCO responded:

Hey Ves. If these are non-tilt windows, we'll need to see a version of the spiral balance with the tip undamaged, as well as any shoe or attachment that was fitted to the tip. If the tube is 28-1/2", you would round up to 29". It looks like the diameter is 3/8", but reading measuring tape from a picture can be deceiving, so best to check to confirm. Let me know what you find. 

A home owner from Louisiana says:
Here are additional photos that hopefully will help determine which non-tilt window spiral balances I should order...I warn you the color tip of the balance broke off on this balance but its red too. Please let me know which item and size to order based on these photos...Thanks. Ves.
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Bob from SWISCO responded:

We're getting there. These are going to have to be custom-built spiral balances with the 15-073 Sash Carrier Bracket attached. In that case, I just need a little more information to narrow down what you need.

  • Can you give us the diameter of the outer tube?
  • Can you tell us the length of the internal spiral rod? It should be 1" or 2" greater than the outer tube length. 
  • How many balances do you need?

From there, we can get this going for you. Thank you for your patience.

A home owner from Louisiana says:
HI Swisco...
The tube diameter is 3/8.

The length of the internal spiral rod is 31 inches (tube itself is 29 inches)

I need 8 spiral balances.

As a reminder, the original balance had a red color tip.

If you need photo of measurement please advise. Thanks,
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Bob from SWISCO responded:

Thanks for getting back to me. This is everything we needed. I am sending you an email with a custom link to order (8) of these 29" Red Tip spiral balances, with the 15-073 attached. Let me know if you have any further questions prior to ordering. Thanks.

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