Does the wheel retract further in for the 81-098 vs 81-249?

A home owner from USA says:
hi, I installed two of the 81-249 rollers today in my Pella sliding door (installed new in 1977). The old rollers came out easily and the new ones were installed without issues. On inspection, the new rollers did not appear to retract into the door as far as the old ones. The roller frame is in as far as possible (up tight against a metal frame piece in the bottom of the door). I tried to move the wheel further with gentle wacks with a rubber mallet, but the wheel will not retract further. The adjusting screw is adjusted as far as it will go in the up position.

Today we attempted to install the door onto the track, but I can't get it up over the track. Is it possible that the genuine Pella roller assembly retracts a little further than the replacements I bought? Should I order two of the genuine rollers and install them to see if this will work?

thank you, Michael
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
I actually pulled both rollers from our stock to check. The 81-249 roller, when completely retracted, comes down 3/16" further compared to the 81-098. I know you will find it hard to believe, but you are the first customer to have trouble replacing the 81-098 with the 81-249. I think it's possible that your door might have settled a little preventing you from reinstalling the door. How close are you to clearing the track? Is it just a little or do you still have a good amount to go to clear track?
A professional from California says:
The center is usually tightest. I often have to move the door close to the jamb to fit the front roller and close to the back to fit the back roller. Sometimes a lot of trial and error is required.
A handy person from carlisile. PA says:
Thanks for the quick reply. I was going to post in my original question that the the difference appears to be around 3/16 inch between the 81-249 and my original rollers.

It would require that 3/16 inch further retraction to clear the track. The door appears solid, straight with no signs of settlement. I think I should try your 81-098 roller. If you concur I would like to order ASAP. thank you.
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
I agree, let's try the 81-098 roller. I will contact you in a private message.
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