Pella sliding patio door parts

A quick learner from Fernandina Beach, Fl. says:
Looking for a locking handle set and rollers for a Pella sliding patio door. For you carry Pella parts? What information do you need in order to get replacement parts for a door unit . Thanks
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Bob from SWISCO responded:

While we do carry some Pella hardware, we can't be for certain if we have what you need without seeing photos of your existing hardware. If you can show us pictures of your handle set, that would be a great help. If you could remove the rollers and show us, and provide dimensions, we'll do our best to see what we have. Many thanks.

A quick learner from Fernandina Beach, Fl. says:
I'll just start with the handle for now. Attached at 4 pictures one from outside, one from side and two from inside. The screws that hold the handle on are 4 inches apart. The screws on the side are 3 1/2 inches apart. Hopefully that's the information you let me know if you need anything else.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:

Thank you! These pictures are a huge help. While your door may be Pella brand, your handles and likely your rollers are generic. That makes life a whole lot easier, though, since this hardware is a lot easier to deal with than genuine Pella parts.

In fact we have a ton of different handles that could replace this. One notable candidate is our 82-079, but we also have the 82-069, 82-035, 82-031, and others. Any one of these will work for you, it just comes down to personal preference.

The mortise lock in your second picture is almost certainly our 82-218, but you should check our dimensions just to be sure.

Finally, you definitely want to replace your rollers sooner rather than later. The reason your handle broke like that is because the rollers aren't working properly. When rollers are clogged, damaged, or corroded, the wheels become stuck and won't roll on the track properly. As a result, you'll find yourself having to use more and more force to open the door against the stubborn and immovable rollers. This extra strain eventually breaks the handle exactly the way yours broke. If you don't deal with your rollers soon, then any new handle you buy will end up the same way sooner than you think.

I'm very confident that we'll have a good roller for you, but we'll need to see it out of the door before we can recommend anything. Dimensions would also be a huge help.

A quick learner from Fernandina Beach, Fl. says:
I'm going to go ahead and order the 82-218 and 82-079. My only other concern is the screws as you can see the old ones are not useable very rusty and will be hard to even get out. So do you guys have screws if the product doesn't come with screws. I'll work on the rollers as soon as I get help to lift to 4/0 door off the track. Thanks for your help and let me about screws.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:

The 82-079 includes installation screws. 

A quick learner from Fernandina Beach, Fl. says:
Just getting back to you on the rollers and here are the pictures and some measurements. The overall length with the rollers out is 4 3/8 inches. The length of the frame itself is 3 1/4 inches and the height is 1 1/2 inches. There are two of them and there are two screws on the end. If you need any other information let me know. Thanks
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Paul from SWISCO responded:

We believe you have a Florida Extruders patio door that uses the 81-153 tandem rollers. The top screw hole is for the frame screw and the bottom is the adjusting screw. The diameter of the wheels are 1-1/2". Compare your part with ours and let us know if you think we have found your match. 

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