Philips marked storm door window latch on modular double-wide home

A contractor from PA says:

I am a handyman, who has just started work on a whole community of these types of homes (trailers, really) with similar problems. Just ordered $46 of parts for what I thought was the correct ones, with others, but was wrong: none fit, even closely.

These say "PHILLIPS" on the plastic, and the tang that holds it into window has broken off both sides of window-very common. The problem with what I ordered was the size of the parts, and the tracking edges.

I was told by a local window repair/assembler that he cannot get parts for Phillips, as they went out of business. Date of Mfr. circa 1986?

I can send more specific pix if needed; just explain to me exactly what you want to see? Thank you!


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Bob from SWISCO responded:

Thanks for posting, and sorry to hear the parts you purchased originally didn't work for you. Well, I'm fairly sure these our the 91-062 Side Bolt Pair. Just compare the dimensions listed with your old parts to be sure. As far as anything else goes; quite frankly, this kind of storm window hardware really isn't made anymore. We likely can still offer substitutions that will work for you, but we're going to have to handle each item you need on a case-by-case photos. Photos of the parts you need, along with as many dimensions as possible, will help us narrow down what you're looking for. Let us know. 

A contractor from PA says:
OK Bob, and thanks for responding. I was kind of hoping to get some business fixing these when (not if) they break.
I will try the parts you mention, but this time purchase only a small amount
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Bob from SWISCO responded:

Understood. I wish I could confidently tell you now a whole set of parts that might work for you; unfortunately, the old nature of these parts, as well as the variability in design, limits how much we can do. That said, feel free to always to come to us when you have something new to replace that you're uncertain about. We will do our very best to help!

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