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A home owner from Glen Ellyn, IL says:
I've been in the house 19 years. These storms were here long before that. I'm trying to replace/repair worn and broken parts. The storms are the classic two class, one screen, that slide up and down the tracks. (3 tracks). These use the white rounded pegs at the top of the window (many are broken off) and the gray, spring loaded, horizontal tabs that you pull in toward the center to release the bottom pins so you can move them up and down.

The weather stripping in the frame is shot. Flat, missing, and in need of replacement. I bought 1/4 and 3/16 inch "storm door and window pile weather stripping but it's too wide. Measuring indicates it's 1/8 x 1/8 or something close to that.

So first and foremost identifying and purchasing the weather stripping. Next I'll go for the white pins and tab/spring combination.

Thanks for a great video on Youtube! I new someone had to have parts!

Picture attached.


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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting, Tom. I'm afraid that we don't have any weatherstripping in this style that has a base width of only 1/8". Are you sure that's what they are? Could they have been worn down with age? Just by eyeballing the picture it seems as though they might be a hair wider, but it's hard to tell exactly.
A quick learner from Glen Ellyn, IL says:
It's certainly possible and you know what's out there vs me, who doesn't. So if you have recommendation on what to try, i'm all ears...do they make anything smaller then 3/16 width? Perhaps its supposed to fit very tight and it didn't give it enough effort. That's what i don't know.
Any advice? I've bought some run of the mill weather stripping.like you show in your video but what i have seems to be flatter (wear related). If i don't find a fix, i need to replace the storms. $140 each. Seems like i should be able to find something.
Thanks for your time and help.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Was it very simple to remove this woolpile from the slot in which it was installed? If so, then it was likely worn down. Either way, i recommend looking at our 58-001 and 58-002. These are popular for storm windows. You may also want to measure the channel that the weatherstripping fits into, not the weatherstripping itself. That should give you a better idea of what can fit in it.
A quick learner says:
Great idea on measuring the channel.
The woolpile slid out VERY easily.
The pile is in the actual frame so i'll see if i can get it measured, purchase, then take the window down again....
Thanks very much
A quick learner from Memphis TN says:
Does anyone have an answer for this problem? I too have old aluminum storm windows. The original pile I pulled out looked to have a base made from a rope. Or at least a finely braided flat material. I purchased 3/16 pile and it was too thick. I attempted to cut some of the plastic off the edges. I was successful, but this was no easy task. It took about ten minutes to run one single side. The pull springs say they are "Sears" brand. The house was built in '59. Has anyone found a solution?
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