Questions about Handle set 82-073

A quick learner from Macomb, MI says:
I have a sliding patio door and the inside lock handle is no longer working. I believe the lock/latch in the inside handle is broken. I have checked your website and all the parts and measured my holes and the 82-034 appears to be the exact measurements that I have and the 82-218 also the same sizes. I have couple questions.

1. is there any structural differences between the 82-034 and the 82-073? From what I can see it is just the Colors and finish that appears different.

2. I have not removed my Mortise Lock yet. From couple of Tom's reply's to people saying their mortise lock may still be good. I'm thinking mine may still be good too. But I have tried turning the Mortise Lock screw with flathead screwdriver, and while the Latch does come up, when the door is closed the latch does not secure the door closed/locked.

Question. Should I be able to "lock" the door by turning the Mortise Lock with screwdriver vs. connecting the handle set and turning the lock/latch that way? I would think it would not make a difference; thus maybe I do have an issue with the Latch. however before my inside latch/lock broke last week the door had locked just fine from inside (I dont use the external key lock). I am planning to order both the Handle and Mortise Lock anyway; but I was not going to bother to remove the existing Mortise Lock unless I absolutely have to (I can see me possibly dropping it inside.).

Thanks, Steve
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting. Yes, it does sound like the latch is bad. To answer your questions in order:

1. The 82-034 and 82-073 can be interchanged, yes. The primary differences lie in style and color. Keep in mind that the 82-073 thumb lever cannot be moved or repaired.

2. Try adjusting the mortise lock. There should be a screw on the face that you can turn, which would then move the hook forward and back. Play around with that and see if it helps your door lock.
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