Replacement Jalousie Window Operators

A home owner from Lancaster, MA says:
I am looking for replacement jalousie window operators for my parents' sunroom. The windows are approximately 20 years old. The original operators are brown (or bronze) in appearance. One of the operators has the following information cast into the parts:
On crank
11500-11 PAT PEND
Inside stationary assembly
PAT. NO. 198202 US
2 R.H. RD. 1963 CA
I will need both left-hand right-hand operators.

I was encouraged to contact you after reading discussion entries on your website from 2009 - 2012 (see attachment "Window Operator Match (SWISCO).pdf"). For pictures and dimensional information about the window operators we need, please see the attachment ("Window Operator Details (Shoer).pdf"). Because of camera angle, the drawn reference lines may not exactly match the picture. All dimensions were measured directly off the operator, so are very close to exact.

i,In approximately a week I will be able to obtain the numbers cast on the left hand operator and the number of units we need of each type. Can you confirm your ability to provide correctly dimensioned replacement units and their cost?

Thank you.

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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
Hey, Larry. Take a look at our 39-060 and 39-061 Keller operators. I believe these are the ones you are looking for. Make sure to especially look at the top off-centered mounting hole on your sample. It seems to match the one on ours. For related parts you may be interested in, see our 33-070 and 33-081 screws and 36-015 locking hook pair. Also view the related video on the right side of this page, you may find it helpful.
A home owner from Lancaster, MA says:
I have a single never-installed left-hand operator for the jalousie windows I described in the original posting. My father purchased this many years ago as a spare and I will soon put it to use. Although its outward appearance seems to indicate that it is the matching operator to the unit I detailed above, this left-hand operator has a different number cast on the inside. It is 1717L.

(1) Before ordering a right-hand and left-hand unit to test, I want to check with you if the 1717L number further helps identify the correct replacement operator.

(2) The 39-060 and 39-061 Keller operator female thread size on the pivoting arm is described as 1/4-20. The female thread in the unit I have is close, but does not appear to be exactly 1/4-20. The specialized studs I have that mount in this hole are self-tapping. I know I can muscle the screw into place, but want to check before ordering to see if this is correct.

(3) I notice the Keller Window Cranks only come in two color options, mill or white. The units I have are brown. Is the "mill" color something like gun metal gray? I can spray paint, but would prefer to purchase in the approximately correct color, if possible. Is this possible?

In total, I need to purchase five right-hand and two left-hand operators.

Thank you.

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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for your patience. I'll go through your questions one at a time.

1) I'm afraid I was not able to reference the number 1717L with anything.

2) Yes, the thread size on the two Keller operators is 1/4" - 20.

3) Unfortunately, we do not carry alternate colors at this time, but you should be able to paint it.
A quick learner from Lancaster, MA says:
Thank you for the additional information. I will order one 39-060 and one 39-061 Keller operator in mill finish and check their operation. I expect to spray them with a color similar to the original color and will report my results. It will likely be about a month after I receive the units before I will be able to post my results.

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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Sounds good to me! We appreciate the order. We'd also love to hear how your project worked out!
A home owner from Lancaster, MA says:
The units 39-060 and 39-061 were a near exact replacement for the operators we have installed. The differences are almost imperceptible. The cranks on our original operators and the new replacement operators are not interchangeable (different hole diameter and a bump on the original that prevents rotation of the original crank on the new operator).

I just purchased five more operators, so I can replace failed units and have a couple of spares.

I painted the new operators and cranks (originally in "mill" color) with a Rust-Oleum Metallic Paint & Primer ("Oil Rubbed Bronze") as the closest color match to the original operators. The units sprayed up well, but the paint does not adhere as tenaciously as I would like. It can be scraped fairly easily. When I paint the five just purchased operators, I will lightly sand the surface of each operator to improve paint adhesion.

Thank you for providing these operators. I'm pleased that we have a solution to our problem.

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