Replacement rollers and bottom track

A home owner from Idaho says:
I would like to replace a single roller with a tandem and also the bottom track. I have a 1970's aluminum sliding door that I will eventually replace but until then I would like it to function like new. It is a 93 1/2" opening approx and has a sliding glass then a screen door. There is also an additional dual sliding door on the outside for a glass screen glass end effect. I replaced the rollers already with single rollers but I am not sure they are the correct ones as one set of glass doors has a 1 1/2" roller and the other has 1 1/4. It also seems offset so I would like a vinyl or plastic guide to keep it in line (or I'll have to make it work myself)

The inside doors are very heavy. The outside double slider not so much. They have the 1.5" rollers on them but I would like to replace those with tandem rollers if there is a tandem with the same dimensions

The rollers are 2 5/8 long 1 3/8 tall. 1 3/8 to the center of the mounting screw that goes in the bottom of the door frame itself. And they say astrobeck OMCO on them. 1.5" steel roller. ( the top hole just described has another larger hole right in line with below or above but not next to it) also marked with the housing is also marked with A-S 7875 and NYC

I'm not sure that these weren't replaced with incorrect hardware at one point as there is a much larger space from the door to the frame inside than on the outside maybe 1/4" and 1/2" which makes me wonder if it was supposed to have the roller bodies that can be set to one side for a right and left hand with two holes parallel

Respective to the second picture attached there's 7/8" then the 1/2" high rail the rollers glide on then 1/2" and it drops down 1/8" then flat for 7/8" then the stationary portion sits on 1/16" over another 1/2" then drops another 1/16 and a 1/4" rail for the screen door then 1 1/8" to finish the frame.

I'm embarrassed that the frame looks that dirty I have cleaned it and sprayed it with a silicone version of wd-40 but I'll use the stick I'm about to order when it gets here

I'm replacing all of the rollers and weatherstripping and the handle too until I can save up for the new $1500 door or so and new Windows.

It took both hands and a foot to open and now slides easily though it is rubbing and like I said probably too heavy for a single roller


User submitted photos of patio door hardware.
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for contacting us. There are a lot of unknown factors here, but we will try our best to help. One detail I'm not sure about is the diameter of the wheel: did you need 1-1/4" or 1-1/2"? We do have the 81-157 tandem roller with two 1-1/4" wheels, which also has the same top mounting screw hole at the top. However I'm not sure if the dimensions of the housing are what you need. Without having the original rollers on hand, this will be difficult to confirm. You will need to measure the space available and use your best judgement.

As for the 1/2" tall track, you might want to consider the 80-100 track cover. This is good for covering dings and dents that may affect how the door slides.

Finally, concerning the door being off centered when you slide it, I notice that the photos of your track show it leaning inward slightly. That might be the problem with your door not being centered when you operate it, but I'm not sure.
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