Replacement screen door rollers for Milgard aluminum frame screen door

A quick learner from San Mateo, CA says:
Help Needed: Replacement screen door rollers for Milgard aluminum frame screen door: The screen door corners in my screens basically "look like" the Swisco #95-020 corners. I need replacement 1.25" nylon screen door rollers. Will your #84-016 rollers fit the Milgard corners? I know how to remove and install the original rollers easily, but I have tried another brand of rollers, the Prime Line B-515 rollers, and they do not fit. The geometry of the long spring wire interferes with rotating the roller assembly into final position (spring wire angle is too great) and the rounded spring above the wheel is higher than the Milgard original wheels. So the look is similar to my originals, but they are different. Will the Swisco #84-016 roller fit the original equipment Milgard corners that I have? If necessary, I can forward pictures to you for assistance. Thank you
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Since you had problems with the B-515 roller, our 84-016 will probably be the same. I suggest something like our 84-142 1-1/4" screen door roller, which has a flat spring. This may be better.
A quick learner from San Mateo, CA says:
I appreciate having the Swisco reply to suggest roller # 84-142. However, I need a little more input, please: Is the flat spring material easily bendable if I need to shorten it by cutting?

And, are additional Swisco dimensions available at the pivot end where only 3/8" shows now? In comparing my original Milgard roller to the B-515 that I bought locally (and is unusable on my Milgard screen door corner brackets), I've noticed that the roller's pivot hole is slightly offset between the Milgard and Prime Line brands, probably due to differences in the way the 2 brands have bent the metal "tangs" forming the pivot holes. Having the dimensions will enable me to better determine if more than spring variations prevent the roller's installation. Thank you.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
The housings are the same for the 84-016 and 84-142, so the locking pivot is also the same. The only difference is the spring. Besides having a wire on the 84-016 and a flat spring on the 84-142, the wire on the 84-016 starts from the rear and the flat spring on the 84-142 from the front. The flat spring tension is stronger than the wire and made of steel, so it would be hard to cut.

If you want, you can send us a photo of the original Milgard roller so we can understand the problem and find a suitable replacement.
A quick learner from San Mateo, CA says:
Thanks again for replying, Paul, for sticking with me with this dilemma. I will attempt to attach between 1 and 3 pictures. The PL B-515 roller is on the left and the original Milgard roller is on the right. The pivot holes are not the same distance down from the flat surface above which I think is the main problem preventing installation of the after-market PL rollers (the metal pivot hole "tangs" are not formed the same). I've tried to clip the 2 rollers together in the pictures at the same alignment for best analysis. And of course, the spring wire projections are totally different. Feel free to call me for further discussion. Perhaps all of this effort will help me and others! Thanks.

User submitted photos of a screen door roller.
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
It does appear that the original roller housing mounting bracket is a little longer. That said, now that we are looking at it directly, I'm not sure why that slight difference would make it incompatible. I find these rollers in general are difficult to install back into the door. I'm wondering if you might need to replace the corner in the door with our 95-020. Another thought would be to swap out the wheel itself and reuse the same roller bracket. If this is a special roller that has to be exact, then you might need to take you screen door to a hardware store or glass shop that are familiar with repairing screen doors.
A quick learner from San Mateo, CA says:
Thanks for responding. I am adept at installing the rollers. The physical differences between aftermarket (Prime Line) rollers and the original Milgard rollers are preventing the installation (the Prime Line's spring angle and different pivot holes are the problem). I am easily able to fit the original rollers on the Milgard corner brackets, but not the PL aftermarket rollers, when testing on my workbench, so I do know the procedure.

My initial solution will be to relocate the screen's original top rollers to the weight-bearing lower corner locations. Hopefully these top roller springs have enough tension left to support the frame without jamming. Thanks again for helping. If this procedure doesn't work, I'll try the Swisco 95-020 corners and roller 84-016. Dave
A professional from California says:
The springs are not meant to support any weight at all. The purpose of the spring is to keep the roller in contact with the track when the door hops, bounces, or is lifted so that the door stays in the track. The weight is carried by the roller frame and adjustment screw.
A quick learner from Kula, Maui, Hawaii says:
Had this exact experience, Milgard roller pivot tangs were longer than the replacements I was able to acquire. Wound up boring out the tangs and they (finally) snapped in but I'm sure this is only temporary. Will likely need to either get a whole new door or replace the bottom corners to accept different roller units.
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