Replacement storm door handle.

A quick learner from Richmond, VA says:
I have a storm door that was installed some years ago and I have no model number.....I believe it was a Sears storm door. I would like to replace the handle/latch set with a new assembly....The problem I have been having is "lock out". The inter works are just worn out....Can you identify the manufacture of the handle/latch hardware or suggest a replacement that will fit. Refer to attached photos with dimensions for reference.

Thanks for your help.
Customer photo of storm door handle.
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Mike from SWISCO responded:
Thank you for sending us your photos.

We appreciate your patience and will post an update on the discussion board as soon as more information regarding a possible replacement becomes available.
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Donna from SWISCO responded:
Take a look at SWISCO product code 40-142, Push-button Latch Set With Keyed Deadbolt. If you need the backplate and spacers you may be able to reuse the originals.
A quick learner from Richmond, VA says:
Thanks, I had received the order.

I am not understanding why both 40-142 push button latch sets does not fit to my storm door. The dead bolt tailpiece and push button rod with spring is long so it never comes to close.

To fit that send dead bolt tailpiece and push button rod with spring we should need more than 2.0" thick storm door with spacer. Both 40-142 push button latch set screws will be short too.

I tried to fit with the old spacers and dead bolt tailpiece it never fits into it.

My storm door is 1" thick and as shown below images with spacer. Another the send screw for Handle is less than 1". It should be 1'-1/4" on length.

After all the email correspondences and images review I had placed the order. How it had happened.

Can you explain me. How can we resolve it as soon as possible.

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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting. Even thought your door might be 1" thick, you are using a very thick spacer, as seen in your original picture. Do you need to use a spacer that's that thick? If you do then the screws might be too short, not too long.

What is the original length of your screws and locking tail pieces?
A quick learner from 20866 says:
Thanks to all of you Mike, Donna and Dave.
Let me first respond to Donna, I try all the alternative to fit, your 40-142 deadbolt is round at corner and the figure above shown are in rectangular shape both do not match each other. Regardless I am using the original back plate. And I had already stated on my email.

Response to Dave:
Yes, I have to use the spacer otherwise the main door groove will not lock. Using the old spacer I tried with the original deadbolt tailpiece. The old size do not fit. The original tailpiece is 2-3/4" one line less.
The original screws are 2 nos of 2-3/4" and 2 nos of 2-1/2" but it thick is different than as of 40-142. I tried with the given deadbolt tailpiece and push button spring both are too long.
The image above and the 40-142 latch is totally difference to each other with the thickness.

I do not get response from you guys about the Patio Handle screw. Your screw length is less than 1" and I need 1'-1/4" on length.
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
From what I understand, it sounds like you have the older style handle. That'd be why one is square shaped while the other has rounded corners. You will have to cut the tail piece on the spindle on site so that it will fit your door, as it is too long. For the screws, I'm not sure what the best size for you will be. I recommend taking the handle in to a local hardware store and having them match something up for you.
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