Single hung windows won't stay open

A handy person from San Diego says:
Dear Madam or Sir,

We were hoping to repair several single hung windows in our new home.
Unfortunately we have no idea who the manufacturer of these windows is, or how old they may be. I couldn't find any part numbers in the windows.

Could you please have a look at the attached pictures and let me know if you can identify the part?
User submitted photos of a spiral balance.
A handy person from San Diego says:
I think I figured it out in the meantime. I took out the rubber covers at the top, unscrewed the balance, and then pulled them out. I have three windows with 9/16" diameter spiral balance rods. It seems that 9/16" means that they must be series 500. Does this make sense to the experts?

One spiral set is 23" 9/16" and has a white tip. I can not find white tip spiral balances on your site. Should I go with red?

The others are 29" 9/16" red tip and 24" 9/16" red tip, which all seems series 500 to me.

One of the windows is missing the shoes which attach to the spiral balance. I wonder if I could attach brackets, #32 to the bottom of the window? It seems quite possible to me. What do the experts think?
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting! I'm glad to hear you were able to work it out. Yes, if the spiral is 9/16" in diameter then our Series 500 is a good place to start for non-tilt window balances. I'm not sure about the white tip, you might want to weigh your window sash just in case. If you tell me the weight, I can tell you if red will work. If it won't, we can make you a balance that will.

It's hard to say what bracket you need. I would start with the 17-012 like you mentioned, or maybe even our 17-007.
A quick learner says:
Unfortunately bracket 17-0012 (#32) is not up to the task. Even after only two spiral turns, the resulting tension is so strong that the spiral eventually slips out of bracket 17-0012 and bends it in the process. 12-007 looks very much like the 17-0012, so I don't think that would work. Do you think that bracket 17-083 may be working?
A quick learner says:
As said in my last posting I am having some trouble with bracket #32. I sort of got it working, but I am afraid that the spirals will slip out again and untwist again. That happened several times.

So, maybe I should find a replacement for the original plastic bottom sash clip. The problem is that I am not able to take out any of the window sashes where those bottom clips are still intact. I was only able to take out one of the sashes where both bottom clips where broken, probably somehow sheared off when the spirals failed. Attached is a picture. I wonder how my windows were installed in the first place if one can't take out the sash when the bottom sash clips are in working order? Am I doing something wrong?

Assuming I can get this mystery worked out somehow, I wonder if you have any advice which of the bottom sash clips in your assortment may fit the broken one in the picture for series 500 spirals.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Hey, good to see you again. I'm sorry to hear that our hardware didn't work out for you.

I actually don't recognize this bottom nylon piece. It looks more like a guide than a sash bracket. Either way, I don't believe the sash you have is manufactured for removal without completely taking out the whole window. I know, I know, that sounds like a huge hassle. I hate it, too. Now, it's still possible to replace the balances without doing any of that, but it's tricky. You would have to drop them in from the top, then have someone lift up the sash for you as you connect them to the bottom. It takes time and patience but it can work.

For a bracket that will be strong enough to prevent breaking or bending, I would use our 17-083. However, you need to use a Series 600 type of balance. The Series 500 cross pin won't fit in the cut out of the 17-083. But I'm also wondering if that is the solution you need. Since you have a sash out, can you weigh it for me? I'd like to know if maybe our Red Tip Series 500 balances are the appropriate strength balance. That could also be causing the trouble.
A quick learner says:
So finally I found an intact bottom sash clip in one of the windows! Unfortunately I can't find it in your inventory. Any advice?
User submitted photos of window hardware.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Ah, perfect. I think you might want to consider our 17-052 screw on bracket as a replacement. This is the closest that we have.
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