Skylight operator too high

A quick learner from Massachusetts says:
I bought your Skylight Operator, Angle Drive 39-379 to replace a broken operator and it works fine -- but my Hex Ball pool doesn't work because the operators are about 11 feet high and the Hex Ball won't make a good connection even though it reaches the operator handle, the Hex Ball won't slip in because it's at a bad angle.

I am thinking about replacing the Hex Ball operator handle and pole end with a hook and eyelet -- my question is what do I need from you -- would I need universal joints 39-336 -- and instead of putting the universal joint on each operator, can I put one on the pole instead? Thank you
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Yes, the 39-336 works great with the 39-379, though I'm not sure about using it on the pole instead. What would it be interacting with on the operator?
A quick learner from Massachusetts says:
My impression is that the 39-336 would be the operator handle and the pole would have a hook. Besides the hook/ring combo giving a better grip, my big problem is to have the two meet at an angle where they can connect and be turned for open and closing. The operator is too high up for the Hex Ball to slip in straight -- instead there is an angle and it slips out -- I also wonder whether just an ordinary operator ring and a pole with a hook would give enough angle.

This is a picture of one of our two skylights. As you can see, the area is narrow and the skylight operator high up, 10+ feet.
User submitted a photo of skylight hardware.
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
The 39-336 is made to go onto the operator, not on the pole. Normally, the pole has a hook to go into the 39-336 ring.
A quick learner from Massachusetts says:
1. Does the universal joint 39-336 appear to be a solution to cranking open the window (with a pole with a hook)?
2. Is the 39-336 come in bronze? (need 2)
2. Would a simple ring on the operator and a pole with a hook would as well (I'm not certain what the universal joint on the operator is for but assume it lets you get the pole with a hook in a better position under it -- sorry if it's a dumb question).
Thank you.
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
I believe the universal joint in the 39-336 helps to operate the window a little easier than just a loop and hook. The 39-336 does come in bronze.
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