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A home owner from Hawaii says:
Hi. I just watched a video on youtube about installing Swisco 80102 and 80100 track covers. My double set of sliding glass doors (4 panels of glass) has major track issues, and would likely benefit from these covers. Both my glass and my screen doors are not moving well.

Three questions:

1) Can your track covers be used for screen door track as well?

2) Would I use the same covers as for the glass doors?

3) What is your longest length of track cover? Or, would it be appropriate to have a seem at the center of the track where two track covers meet?

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Paul from SWISCO responded:
The 80-100, 80-102 and 80-103 are made to go over sliding glass door tracks. Being stainless steel, they would be operate well in your climate.

As for length, what is the width of your patio glass doors and the travel distance of the doors? You could possibly just center one cover over the track, even if it's shorter.

Finally, these tracks would be too wide for a screen door wheels. For screen doors we offer the 80-111 and 80-111A, track. For these, you would need to cut off the old track rail and screw on the new track.
A quick learner from Hilo, Hawaii says:
Hi Paul, thanks for your response. I am currently not in Hawaii, so I can't measure the windows, but I would estimate the width at close to 12 feet, but possibly a little less. Certainly not less than 10 feet.

The travel distance on the screen doors is not limited. They are able to go all the way past center as far as the door on the other side will allow them.

I've included some photos of the actual track area. It does not look like it would accommodate the 80-111 / 80-111A. The door visible in the photos is the screen door. The white tile is interior, outside, where the paint is worn off, is wooden decking.

Finally, you mentioned cutting off the old track rail. I'm wondering how I would go about doing that (if it turns out to be appropriate for my track).

User submitted photo of their door hardware.
A professional from CA says:
How would you recommend cutting off a screen track?
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
It looks like your screen door track is made of vinyl. If it is, then a utility knife should do the job. This is what I use, anyway. Also, looking at your photo it appears that the screen track is at the very end of your patio track. You might have to install a piece of trim to support the bottom the the new screen track you are installing. You might want to get a contractor to do the job. They usually have special cutting tools designed for this kind of thing if you aren't comfortable doing it yourself.
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