Spiral Balance for Danvid?

A quick learner from DFW says:
I need new balances for several Danvid single-hung aluminum-frame windows. These windows are original to the house, from 1995. The sashes are not removable from the frames.

It appears your 306-style spiral balance is used for these windows. Can you confirm?

Remove/reinstall...do I simply unscrew the top mount and push the bottom shoe off the sash frame? Will anything snap/spin when I do this (if the balance is still charged)

Length...from the sill plate to the top mount is 58.75" and the sash frame itself is 30" (top to bottom). How long a balance will I need?

Strength...I haven't removed a balance yet, so don' know what (if any) color tip is on these. Any other way to estimate? Sashes are anywhere from 24" to 48" wide throughout the house.

Anything else I should know? Thanks!
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
If your balance has a 3/8" diameter tube and a 15-142 shoe, then I think our Series 306 is your best bet.

To remove the balance, raise the sash and have someone hold it up for you. Then, use our 75-004 tool or a pair of needle nose pliers to unhook the 15-142 shoe from the sash. It will be under pressure if it's not broken, so use the tool to turn it until the tension is released. Do this for both sides, then lower the sash and unscrew the balance at the top. You will then be able to remove the balances.

The best way to determine what length balance you need is to simple measure the length of the tube once it's removed. As for the weight, you can use a bathroom scale to weigh the sash in order to determine the correct color bearing option.

To install new balances, close the sash and drop the balance down behind it. Screw the top of the balance on both sides first, then raise and hold the sash up. The shoe and spiral might need some help dropping down past the sash, so hook the end of the balance spiral with the 75-004 tool, give the balance three or four turns for charging, and hook the shoe to the sash. Do the same on the other side. Try opening and closing the window a couple times to see if it doesn't stay up or drops. If you find it needs some more adjustment, raise the sash, unhook the balance, and give it two more turns.
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