Spiral balance replacement help

A quick learner from USA says:
I'm trying to find a replacement for my spiral balances. I can't find any product as a whole on your website but looks like you have all the parts. Here's my info...

- 29" long
- 3/8" wide
- white tip
- looks like a Series 900 (but with a white tip) only because of the shoe I have. Your site says that my shoe fits Series 900. But my window is NOT a tilt.

- looks like part # 15-142
User submitted photos of a window balance.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting! We can custom make this for you. Rather than the Series 900 though, I would recommend our Series 306 instead. This should be a better match for the inside spiral you show.

Before I get started, though, please confirm for me the weight of your window sash. That will help us make sure we get you the correct spring strength!
A quick learner from phoenix says:
Thank you for your response. I will get the weight of my sash as soon as I can. In the mean time, can you please tell the difference between the different series numbers. What sets them apart from each other?

Thank you!
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
The difference between the Series 900 and the Series 306 is that the inside spiral on the Series 306 is a little bit longer, which is how it looks in your picture. A Series 900 mounted in a window meant for a Series 306 won't work properly due to the difference in the spiral length.
A quick learner says:
How about the difference between the 300,301,305,306, and 307? I ask because you happened to choose the most expensive series which I will not be able to do. Also, is it possible to order just the balance without the shoes attached? Thank you again.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
These balance Series all have different shoes attached and are all used in different types of non-tilt windows. I don't think any of them will work in your window. The Series 306 is particular due to the extra length of the inside spiral.

I apologize for the difference in price. You can try to attach the 15-142 rivet to the balance yourself, if you are able, but I still believe you will require our Series 306 and not the Series 900.
A quick learner says:
Thank you again for your response.

I haven't been able to get the weight of the sash, but doesn't the white bushing tell you the info you need for choosing the correct balance weight?

Also, what do you mean by length of the spiral...doesn't the 29 inch casing cover that? If not, how can you tell the length from the picture...The spiral is only extended out just a little bit. Is it the length between the end and the beginning of the twists maybe?

And finally, how do I order something custom? Online doesn't allow that and I can't get anyone on the phone when I call.

Sorry for all the questions...just learning.

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Paul from SWISCO responded:
It's fine. White Tip balances aren't that common anymore and are substituted when replacing with modern balances. I suspect a Red Tip would work for you but since the balance has to be custom made, I wanted to confirm.

As for how I can tell the spiral is longer, I guess it's just experience. I've seen a thousand of these balances and there are little clues; for instance, how the tip of the spiral looks next to the 14-142 clip. While most of the spiral is inside the casing, there is still that tip that sticks out. An experienced eye can spot the difference in length.

I will send you a custom order form, but first I need you to confirm the above information. It is not something that can be done over the phone, I'm afraid.
A quick learner says:
Paul, thank you so much for putting up with me. You are awesome. I will confirm the weight of the sash soon. For the length, is there something I can measure for you? I can measure any part of the balance you want, just let me know. I will measure the fully extended spiral if that works, or I can take apart the balance for additional measurements.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Great! The length is determined by simply measuring the tube. If you also want peace of mind, you can give me the total length of the inside spiral, as well.
A quick learner says:
Sounds good. The dimensions of the tube were given in my first post, but I will measure the spiral also and weigh the sash.
A quick learner says:
Hi Paul...

Here's what I have so far...

29" balance
3/8" width
24 lb. sash
white tip
15-142 shoe
29 1/4" - 29 1/2" inside spiral
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Thank you for your patience. Check out this custom spiral balance request form that I've started for you based on your specifications and fill out the rest of the information. One of our representatives will get back to you shortly thereafter with a price quote and an item to add to your cart. I have chosen the "Green Tip," which is meant for sashes weighing 14 through 26 pounds. Based on your sash of 24 pounds, I think this is the best option.
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